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Monday, 26 September 2016

Punk40 - The Vibrators - 12th October, 1976, London

There's not a load of punk recordings from 1976 (apart from Sex Pistols and the Clash).

So here's The Vibrators first radio session recorded for John Peel, recorded on 12th October and broadcast 28th October 1976.

1. Dance To The Music (Whips & Furs)  
2. Sweet Sweet Heart 
3. Jenny, Jenny 
4. I'm Gonna Be Your Nazi Baby 
5. We Vibrate

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Punk40 - The Stranglers, 10th October 1976, Nashville Rooms, London

This time I give you The Stranglers from 1976. A massive thanks to Adrian over at the Aural Sculptors blog for sharing this one with me.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Punk40 - The Damned, 20th August 1976, Mont De Marsan Bullring, Punk Festival, France

My next share from 1976 is another 1 from The Damned.

This time from the first Punk Festival at the Mont De Marsan Bullring.


1 of the 2,
 New Rose
 Fan Club
 I Feel Alright
 Feel The Pain
 See Her Tonite
 I Fall
 So Messed Up.

Punk40 - The Damned, 6th July 1976, 100 Club, London

Next up for my Punk40 Celebration is The Damned.

Set list

1. 1 Of The 2

2. New Rose
3. Alone
4. Help!
5. Fan Club
6. I Feel Alright
7. Feel The Pain
8. Fish
9. Circles
10. See Her Tonite
11. I Fall
12. So Messed Up

Punk40 - The Ramones, 4th July 1976, Roundhouse, London

To contribute my own little part to this Year's Punk 40 celebrations I'm gonna post some audios from 1976 that I have in my collection (that are not Sex Pistols related).

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Punk40, Sex Pistols - 5th September 1976, Chalet du Lac, Paris France

Well here it is - Sex Pistols gold - Chalet du Lac 1976. Everyone knew both nights were recorded but for 40 years only a very few select people have been able listen to the recording,

Hopefully the recording of the first night will be shared soon. But for now this recording will have to  titillate your ears.

I have created CD artwork to go with the recording which is available in the download for you all.

set list

 Anarchy in the UK
 I Wanna Be Me
 New York
Don't Give Me No Lip
Stepping Stone
 No Feelings
Pretty Vacant
 No Fun


Please note I believe this to be a mislabeled gig and I actually think its the second night in Paris from 5th September. 

On release it has been billed as the first night.

 My reasoning is this - from the God save the Sex Pistols site, in an interview with someone who was at both gigs it has been stated that the second gig was shorter in length due to the band having to catch a plane. 
The set list posted on the GSTSP site states that Flowers was played at the start and a 2 track encore (Did You No Wrong and Anarchy) at the end. Yet all 3 of these tracks are missing from this recording. The supplier of this recording states it is the complete gig (and there's no reason to doubt that claim) - therefore logically this must be the shorter second gig on the 5th.

If anyone can categorically clear this up, without any doubt please get in touch.

Whatever the truth is this is still a fantastic recording - very, very enjoyable to listen to.

A massive thank you must go to Partners in Crime from France, for sharing this with all of us - it's very much welcomed and appreciated.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Piranhas 4 , 10th September 2016, Undercover Festival, Brighton

Another Great performance from this years Undercover Festival. This time from original Punks and Brighton's very own Piranhas 4.

This comes with full cd artwork created by myself

A PIL Head Recording PH008


Eddie & the Hot Rods, 10th September 2016, Undercover Festival, Brighton

Eddie and the Hot Rods played a blinding performance at the Undercover Festival this year. In fact the whole weekend amazing. Apart from one band in particular all the artists turned up and delivered a quality professional performance. The atmosphere was so friendly and I would urge everyone to put the Undercover Festival on their list of things to do next year.

Anyway here's Eddie and the Hot Rods set.

This comes with artwork created by myself.

A PIL Head Recording - PH010


Friday, 2 September 2016

PIL on YouTube - Heaven Nightclub, London 2nd April 2012

PIL on YouTube - Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia 11th April 2013

PIL on YouTube - Creation of Peace Festival, Millenium Square, Kazan City, Russia 25th June 2011

PIL on YouTube - Glastonbury Festival, 30th June 2013

PIL on YouTube - Live Teatro Vorterix, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11th August 2016

PIL on YouTube - Live Cité de la Musique, Paris, France, 23rd October 2013

PIL on YouTube - Live at Liquid Room, Edinburgh 12th June 2016

The complete gig of PIL live in Edinburgh from 2016 is available to watch (or download if you choose) on YouTube. Above is a DVD cover I created for my own collection.

New Keith Levene website - It Was Punk

  PIL legend Keith Levene has a new website up and running, please go and take a look. The name of it is ''It Was Punk''. Keith has been very quiet throughout 2016 so its great to see that he is back and once again working on many different ideas.

from the website -

''Keith Levene formed The Clash.
Went on to create Public Image LtD.
Now Keith's doing iT WaS PuNk.
iT WaS PuNk is all about the spirit of PuNk from the beginning up until now.
Keith is currently involved in creating art & an interesting array of products.
Of course he's still making new music.
Now's the time more than ever for PuNk
iT WaS PuNk
is NoW ''

Keith works independently and it would be great if you can show your support for such a great talent

click here to go to the It Was Punk site