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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Dublin Castle, Camden - tomorrow night - come and join us

Tomorrow night I'll be in Camden for a great night out - come and join me for a beer.

Come and join in the fun, come and have a chat.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Happy Birthday - Paul Cook

Today, legendary drummer Paul Cook turns 60. Happy Birthday Paul. Have a great day.

Thanks for all the years worth of entertainment you have given us all - long may it continue

Monday, 18 July 2016

Glen Matlock - 23rd September 2012, Divan, Kiev, Ukraine

Here's a nice recording of Glen, solo and acoustic from 2012.

I'm sorry to say I cant remember who sent me this one, apologies to you, if you're out there looking in.

1. Somewhere Somehow
2. A Different World
3. Burning Sounds [Rich Kids]
4. God Save The Queen [Sex Pistols]
5. Yeah Right!
6. Ambition
7. Ghosts Of Princes In Towers [Rich Kids]
8. Montague Terrace (In Blue) [Scott Walker]
9. Steppin' Stone [The Monkees]
10. On Something
11. Born Running
12. Pretty Vacant [Sex Pistols]
13. Anarchy In The U.K. [Sex Pistols]
14. All Or Nothing [Small Faces]

PIL - 10th November 1982, Elite Club, San Francisco, USA

Here's a nice little MP3 recording from the 1982 Tour. This tour has produced some of my favourite PIL bootlegs.

It comes with CD artwork created by myself.

The photos used in the artwork are copyright Pete Jones and are from his own personal collection.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

PIL - 10th May 1980, South Of Market Cultural Centre, San Francisco, USA

For some reason this is the only bootleg I have from 1980 that I haven't previously posted - so here it is for you.

This is a FLAC rip from a cd-r I got in a trade many years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

PIL - 26th December 1978 - Rainbow Theatre, London

 This is not a particularly hard gig to find out there on tinternet. It has been widely circulated in various formats and quality for many, many years.

This version that I offer you is a vinyl rip from the famous Nubes bootleg lp.

This version has been ripped and made available for sharing by a chap who goes by the name of zootype, so I send my Thanks to him for his work.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sex Pistols live 1976 Bootlegs to be removed

On 19th August 2016 Universal are releasing a box set of live recordings from 1976. 2 of the recordings are currently available as free downloads on this blog.

Once the official releases hit the streets the original bootlegs will no longer be shared on this blog, so if you want them you need to grab them by 18th August 2016.


Support the artist and buy their officially released products - I do!

Monday, 11 July 2016

PIL - South American Tour 2016 - A Request

Next month PIL embark on a mini tour of South America.

Could anyone please record any of the concerts in full for me to share on this blog.

I would love any audio or video recording of any of the gigs please.

This blog only survives because of your support.

Please email me with any recordings please.

Monday, 4 July 2016

the Undercover Festival is coming to Brighton in September

The Undercover Festival is at Brighton Racecourse on September 9th and 10th 2016.

It has an amazing line up for a reasonable price.

vote for PIL Head in the Indie Media Awards

Voting has opened now for the Indie Media Awards

Its very easy to do

just send an email to

and in the title just put vote for PIL Head

its that easy. Please show me your support and vote for me an this blog now

You have until July 7th 23:59 New York City Time

Thank You

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Sad Vacation - The Last Days of Sid & Nancy - a bit more info

Recently I had a chat to Brett Dunford, who is the spokesperson for this project.

Here's a few things he told me about the new documentary.

'' I saw the workprint last night for the first time, and can say hands down, it blows every other doc out of the water.'' quote 28th May 2016.

I asked if it was a documentary or docudrama: "Sad Vacation" is a straightforward, no bullshit documentary with re enactments, location footage and licensed media.

Who is contributing to the story: I'm co-writing the narrative with Spanish director Danny Garcia, who made the recent films "The Rise and Fall of The Clash" and "Looking for Johnny".

Expected release date: We are aiming to get theatrical premieres rolling in October, with a DVD release to follow. "Sad Vacation" will be on fans' shelves by the end of the year.

What is the expected running time: I saw a workprint of Sad Vacation on Friday that had a running time of 97 minutes. We may tighten it up a little or we may extend it a little, especially if our crowdfunding campaign is a success.

 "Sad Vacation" will be out by October 2016. We've spent two years making this film, on and off, and now we have a deadline to meet.

Sid & Nancy story has been covered before, what will this offer that’s different: The truth for starters. We re-interviewed some of the key residents of the Chelsea Hotel, and we have access to newly-released legal documents. It's not a definitive verdict - that is out of our hands - but a strictly impartial analysis that will present the facts straighter and more coherently than the past.''

so there you have it - some up to date info - as much as I know right now.

I took the info below from their Indiegogo page -

''Thanks to your help in our previous campaign, we have managed to assemble a great cast for "Sad Vacation". We have conducted many interviews with those who encountered punk rock's Romeo and Juliet, including Roberta BayleySteve "Roadent" ConollyDonna DestriKenny "Stinker" GordonBob GruenJohn HolmstromFrank InfanteHellin KillerWalter LureHonest John PlainHowie PyroCynthia RossAndy Shernoff, Gaye Black, Casino Steel, Phyllis SteinSylvain Sylvain; in addition to the late Leee Black Childers.

We are especially pleased to have interviewed three key residents of the Chelsea Hotel, Victor Colicchio"Neon" Leon Matthews, and Ned Van Zandt, who had a lot to tell us about that morning. Drawing upon their reflections and a batch of newly-released Grand Jury documents, we have been able to piece together a solid timeline of events for the very first time.''

This is all very exciting - keep looking in, if I get more info I will share it with you all as soon as I have it.



PIL - 2nd August 1986, De Panne, Sea Side Festival, Belgium

another one from 1986. Again this is a FLAC rip from a CD-r I got in a trade.

Friday, 1 July 2016

PIL - 2nd July 1986, Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

Here's one I've dug out from the archives. I received this in a trade many years ago.

FLAC rip from CD-r