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Sunday, 20 March 2016

PIL - 4th May 1980, Olympic Auditorium, LA, USA

set list:
Low Life
Death Disco
Bad Baby
Public Image
Home Is Where The Heart Is

Friday, 18 March 2016

PIL - 24th April 1980, Agora Ballroom, Atlanta, USA

PIL - 22nd April 1980, Great Gildersleeves, NY, USA

Apologies - as I cannot remember who supplied me the artwork for this one, please message me if you're out there watching in & I will update this post & give you full credit

I cant believe I only have this as an MP3. If anyone out there has a genuine FLAC copy I would love an upgrade please.

PIL - 20th April 1980 , Palladium, NY, USA


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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Deaprtment S - New Album Review - When All is Said and All is Done

BIG Thank You to Pete Jones who sent me a signed promo copy of the new Department S album, When All is Said and All is Done.

The album has a release date sometime in May 2016.

I can only start by saying what a great album it is. Post Punk/Power Pop whatever you want to label it, it is an album full of exciting music. Totally enjoyable - a pleasure to please your ears.

so what do you get for your money?

Answer - 10 tracks of pure joy.

I've had this 2 weeks now & wanted to play it a few times before I shared my opinion. Its so good that I play it everyday!

01 Kings of the World - the opening tracks fades in then BOOM! Power guitar and away we go. A very good starting track that sets the pace of the album. Its a track that makes you want to move. Distinctive Eddie Roxy vocals, this one could easily be a single release. Very Pop.

02 I Said You - this one has a great vibe to it. It kind a reminds me in places of the Mod sound of the 60's. Again its one that gets you moving.

03 When All Is Said and All Is Done - The title track. This has great lyrics and a sound that will appeal to different tastes. This will be the next Department S anthem. Its one that will definitely be a crowd favourite at future gigs.

04 Long March - a slight change in pace for this one. Slower but by no means a slow song. Great vocals and again this feels like it could be a single release.

05 Frozen Room - a strong bass line throughout, which has Pete Jones stamped all over it. Even the vocals seem to me to be influenced by Pete's style. This one reminds me of some of Pete's earlier work around the time that he gave us ''Blood Red Bible Black'' - a very enjoyable track. Some nice piano from Andy Trussler to compliment this.

06 I Believe - this one picks up the pace again and is one of my personal favourites on the album. A very commercial sounding track (and that's not a criticism) - this one will also be a crowd pleaser at future venues. This is a full sounding track where you can really enjoy each member of Department S's input. You can almost hear the fun time that they have playing together.

07 Persia Dance - I'm gonna start to sound boring in a moment but again this is another wonderful track. Slower in pace but it's quite melodic and definitely a hint of funky guitar in this one. Love it.

08 On My Own Again - A very strong track, straight into some powerful guitar playing and Eddie wastes no time in delivering the lyrics. This one is a great song with a slightly different take on breaking up in a relationship.

09 Cause - this is the Rock guitar showpiece. Phil Thompson is amazing on this one. Well written and best enjoyed played VERY LOUD!

10 Age of Control -  and so to the final track. What a fantastic way to finish off an album. At just under 7 and a half minutes in length. This had to deliver. For me this one has the feel of the Indie type tracks from the 1980's. Minimal vocals, mainly spoken word rather than sung, but maximum musicianship from the band. Showing off just how good they are. Some very good saxophone in the middle of  this one from Sean Freeman.

So in all we have an album of 10 tracks that vary in sound so we don't get an album that sounds the same throughout.

It makes you want to get up and move. There's some real thumpers on this.

When its released BUY IT! You will not be disappointed.

Department S have worked very hard touring together over the last couple of years. This album reflects the bond that they have created together.

Well done lads - this is well worth buying - See you at the Undercover Festival

Eddie Roxy - vocals
Alexander Lutes - drums
Phil Thompson - guitars
Pete Jones - Bass
Sean Freeman - Saxophone on Age of Control
Andy Trussler - Piano on Frozen room

Produces and mixed by Pete Jones
Mastered by Pete Maher
recorded in London, UK at U2 and JAM UK studios
Engineering at U2: Aide Hardy
Sleeve Design: Paul Longworth
Executive Producers: Eddie Roxy and Pete Jones

CONTACT: Press, bookings

Technical, licensing 

Copyright Control JAM UK copyright 2016

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Save Our Punk heritage - sign the petition

Sex Pistols say - "Never Mind The Bulldozers - Save The Birthplace of Punk Rock!"

Save Tin Pan Alley
3 Mar 2016 — The famous Sex Pistols home and former recording studio filled with their 1977 cartoon murals is under threat from development into flats at the outbuilding to the rear of 6 Denmark St. Glen Matlock, Captain Sensible and Rupert Orton have come to say "No! Save the building for the National Trust in this the 40th Anniversary of Punk