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Sunday, 28 February 2016

John Lydon -15th October 2014, The Octagon, Sheffield - Anger Is An Energy Q&Q

here's an audio from John Lydon's publicity Tour for his autobiography Anger is an Energy

Dead Men Walking - 5th August 2001, Civic Hall, Guildford Festival

Glen  Matlock toured with Dead Men Walking, a quartet of acoustic guitar-playing punk-era veterans that also featured former Alarm leader Mike Peters.

Pigface - 17th November 1991, Jannus Landing, St Petersburg, Florida

here's one of Martin Atkins post PIL projects - Pigface

PIL - 22nd December 1978, Le Stadium, Paris, France


PIL - 18th January 1980, Le Palace, Paris, France

here's the 2nd night at Le Palace in Paris


PIL - 17th January 1980, Le Palace, Paris, France

Here's the first of 2 shows PIL played on consecutive nights at this venue   

get ya FLAC HERE

PIL - 15th May 1981, The Ritz, NY aka The Riot Show

This is the only PIL performance in 1981. Every fan knows the story of this famous show where the band played hidden behind a screen so that the audience couldn't see them....of course all those paying customers were not happy & so took out their frustrations by smashing up the venue & having a riot of their own.

There are 2 slightly different versions of this bootleg - I give them both to you

version 1 in FLAC is here

version 2 in MP3 format is HERE

PIL - 23rd October 1982, Granada Theater, Chicago, USA

Saturday, 27 February 2016

PIL - 17th October 1982, The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada

PIL - 16th October 1982, The Masonic Temple Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada

PIL - 29th January 1983, Brooklyn Zoo, NY

Here's an oldie but goodie

get ya FLAC download here

Department S - New Album Press Release - When All Is Said and All Is Done

I think you all know, one time PIL bass player, Pete Jones is currently a full time member of post punk Legends Department S. Well in May 2016 they have a new album being released called ''When All Is Said and All Is Done''.

I've been lucky enough to get a promo copy for review, which will follow in a few days.

Having seen them live I have been looking forward to this new album & I haven't been disappointed.

extract from Press Release

''Department S release their first album since 2011 When All Is Said and All Is Done. This 10 track full length album will be released in digital and CD formats, with a subsequent limited edition vinyl release planned for later in the year. Department S will be touring extensively through 2016 to promote the album.

Recorded in London throughout 2015, the album has been produced & mixed by Pete Jones. This full length album is being self-released through the JAM UK  label (catalogue number JAM1601)''

01 Kings of the World
02 I Said You
03 When All Is Said and All Is Done
04 Long March
05 Frozen Room
06 I Believe
07 Persia Dance
08 On My Own Again
09 Cause
10 Age of Control

Eddie Roxy - vocals
Alexander Lutes - drums
Phil Thompson - guitars
Pete Jones - Bass
Sean Freeman - Saxophone on Age of Control
Andy Trussler - Piano on Frozen room

Produces and mixed by Pete Jones
Mastered by Pete Maher
recorded in London, UK at U2 and JAM UK studios
Engineering at U2: Aide Hardy
Sleeve Design: Paul Longworth
Executive Producers: Eddie Roxy and Pete Jones

CONTACT: Press, bookings

Technical, licensing 

Copyright Control JAM UK copyright 2016

follow Pete on Twitter Here
follow Department S on Twitter Here

Department S on Facebook Here

Department S Official band site Here

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Keith Levene - Post Punk Years digital download

Finally available for all you lovely PIL fans to enjoy.

from Amazon -
'' This book picks up where Keith Levene's "I Was a Teenage Guitarist for the Clash" and "Meeting Joe: Joe Strummer, the Clash and Me" leaves off and is part of the "Diary of a Non-Punk Rocker Series." The Post Punk Years Part I discusses Keith's post-Clash experiences, his time in the Flowers of Romance, and PiL through 1980.''

Available to buy at a great price via Amazon

buy the Post Punk Years here

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Department S - new album due soon

Pete Jones current Band Department S (do you remember ''Is Vic There?'') have a new album set for release.

Read about it here:

Department S blog is here

I'll be reviewing the new album as soon as I get a copy. Having seen them live I can promise you this is definitely something to look forward to

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rich Kids & Professionals - Together on the same bill

Yeah you read it right - Rich Kids have reformed - Yeeeeeeeeeees! I'm off to see a lot of bands this year but this one announcement has got me really excited. Rich Kids and The Professionals together on the same night. Two ex - Pistols for the price of one.

I've already got my ticket via O2 pre sale. This one will sell out.

Surely this is a must see gig???