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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Public Image Limited (This is PIL) - Facebook fan group

There's a really good Facebook fan page run by Mags Piper. Its strictly PIL related & worth joining.

Lots of like minded fans chatting about their PIL experiences & sharing pics of their collectables.

Take a look & join in the fun

Facebook fan group can be found here

Friday, 16 October 2015

No Official releases are on this blog - so DONT ASK!

In the last month I have received a few polite but very silly email requests. So once again I thought I would post a very clear statement.

I WILL NOT be posting any officially released live audios on this blog.
In the past I did so in error. I was new to blogging back then, not very careful & very naive about what I was doing. I learnt that I had made some mistakes, corrected them & have tried very hard to avoid making similar mistakes since.

So, NO, I will NOT be posting the audio for the gig at Shepherds Bush from the 2015 Tour - funnily enough this is the only gig from 2015 that I actually have an audience recording of but seeing as there is a bloody great quality official version out there I wont be posting it (or sharing it privately by email) - so please dont ask me again. All future emails on this subject will be ignored & will not receive an answer.

Also I will not be posting any versions of the 2009 ALife Tour recordings that have been officially released or the Isle of Wight gig either.

Support the artists & buy their official products.

Shepherds Bush gig & What the World Needs Now bundle available from Concert Live here

PIL products from Concert Live can be found here

Bettie Page/ The One limited edition 7'' singles pre-order available from Cargo here

Cargo Records - What The World Needs Now available here

1986 - PIL gigs new links & upgrades updated

here we go again. Well in the last month I saw PIL twice & have generally been enjoying the 2 new albums and the new Tour. But now its back to business.

I have now added new links to all the fan recordings of PIL gigs from 1986. A couple are upgrades in quality to the original posts, but most are just new links for the same recordings that were here originally.

help ya selves to some free downloads.


the 1986 Tour audios can be found here