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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Anniversary post #3 - PIL - 7th July 1986, Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, Ca

here's another special post for you all. For now this will be my last really special one as I'm away for a week or so & when I get back I'll be hoping to start finding new PIL & Professionals bootlegs from the new Tours. (fingers crossed)

I make no apologies for once again stating this is ANOTHER ACID DROPS exclusive! A PIL recording that (as far as I'm aware) has not been available for download anywhere on the internet before. Also I believe that it has not been widely traded either.....although I'm happy to be corrected as I dont know everything.

line up:
John Lydon - vocals
John McGeoch - guitar
Allan Dias - bass
Ted Chau - keyboards & guitars
Mike Joyce - drums

00 intro
01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Low Life
04 Fishing
05 Poptones
06 Banging the Door
07 Four Enclosed Walls
08 Flowers of Romance
09 Tie Me To The Length of That
10 Round
11 Home
12 Public Image
13 The Order of Death
14 Rise
15 Annalisa
16 Holidays in The Sun
17 World Destruction
18 Ease

get ya FLAC here

BIG THANKS to Mick de Prik & the Undercover Traders Crew for passing this my way

Anniversary post #2 - PIL - 28th September 1982 - Roseland Ballroom, New York


here's the second of my Anniversary posts as promised. 
from my own private collection - this gig is previously uncirculated ANYWHERE!
The opening night of PIL's 1982 Tour. This is the full recording. 

line up:
John Lydon - Vocals
Keith Levene - Guitar
Pete Jones - Bass
Martin Atkins - Drums

01 Lou Reed
02 Where Are You
03 Low Life
04 Annalisa
05 Public Image
06 Death disco
07 Religion
08 Mad Max
09 Chant
10 Under The House
11 Public Image

Full CD artwork included

Monday, 24 August 2015

Anniversary post #1 - Sex Pistols - 4th July 1996 - Le Zenith, Paris, France - Soundboard

As promised here's something from my personal collection that's not been widely available -
An Acid drops exclusive for you all - free of course.

This is a soundboard recording. Not available anywhere else on the net!

Track listing:
0. recorded intro (Brotherhood Of Man - Save Your Kisses For Me)
1. Bodies
2. Seventeen
3. New York
4. No Feelings
5. Did You Know Wrong
6. God Save The Queen
7. Liar
8. Satellite
9. Stepping Stone
10. Holidays In TheSun
11. Pretty Vacant
12. EMI
13. Anarchy In The UK
14. Problems
15. Roadrunner
16. No Fun

Big Thanks to Simon R & Piss Pot Recordings for sharing this with myself so that I can pass it on to all of you.

get ya FLAC soundboard here

Get artworkwork here

Cover art supplied by nwt679 - Thanks mate, this is very much appreciated

Saturday, 22 August 2015

John Lydon posts new links added

my posts tagged '' John Lydon'' now have new links added

John Lydon posts here

Steve Jones new links added

All my posts tagged as Steve Jones now have new valid links ready for download - fill ya boots

 get ya Steve Jones posts here

Rich Kids new links added by request

Had a request from Mick Mercer for new links for the Rich Kids posts.#

So for Mick (and anyone else out there)this has been done.

Rich Kids posts can be found here

Keith Levene's new project - London 1976

Keith & his team have been in touch with some information about his exciting new Project.

Here's the press release -

Keith Levene Announces the “London 1976 Institute”

August 8, 2015 (For Immediate Release) The legendary guitarist, composer and artist Keith Levene’s independent project “LoNDoN 1976” which celebrates the spirit and ethos of the British punk rock movement on its upcoming 40thanniversary will include the “London 1976 Institute” for up-and-coming artists and musicians.

Read more about the London 1976 Project here:

London 1976 involves an array of events including a rare public performance by Levene in Manchester, UK in November 2015, a film, a gallery display and an on-line educational program for artists and musicians called the “London 1976 Institute”

“The original PiL brief ‘we’re not a band we’re a company’ was a paradigm shift. It was very simple and very effective.I’m not trying to recreate PiL but that original concept fits the current digital climate.
The London 1976 Institute will teach students how to be their own companies,” explains Levene.

He goes on to explain “I’ve been an independent DIY artist/composer/musician dating back to those early days in West London 1976.  I feel if you’re going to call yourself independent you should be independent from start to finish. If I can pull it off the students in the London 1976 Institute can too.”

The London 1976 Institute will be a series of formalized modules that will cover everything from project development to production to finance to sales to marketing to legal to public relations to distribution.

“I want to share my experiences in an effort to provide my students with the tools so that they hopefully may carry on where we left off when that first wave of British punk hit.”

Students will be accepted into the Institute commencing January 2016.

Numerous perks to fund the “London 1976 Project” are available including shout outs, books, music, Levene’s signed guitar and even a day in the studio with him.

For more information email

I was also forwarded this ...............................

The first British invasion occurred in the 1960s when the Beatles, the Mods, Mary Quant, Carnaby Street, Peter Blake and swinging London dominated the international arts, music and cultural scene.

I was intimately involved in the second British invasion, which emerged almost 40 years ago from the streets of West London and then exploded globally.

They called it the first wave of British punk rock.

I call it “London 1976!”

The revolution that began in London that year broke down all kinds of doors. Punk eventually evolved into post-punk, new wave, synth pop, the New Romantics, alternative music, and so forth.

Punk started it all and was in my opinion directly responsible for the immense international success enjoyed by so many British musicians, bands, artists and designers in the late 1970s to the mid 1980s and beyond.

For me it all started in late 1975 or thereabouts. I was a teenaged skateboarding guitarist from North London who ventured onto an amazing new scene in West London that encompassed music, art, clothing, and style.

In those days, there was definitely a strong creative vibe in the air. You could feel it. You could almost touch it. It was a spirit. It was an attitude. It was all around us.

You saw all these great shops on the King’s Road, which were run by people like Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren and Bernard Rhodes showcasing fantastic original clothing and accessories.

I met Bernard through my friend the guitarist Mick Jones. We formed the Clash. The Clash was an alternative to the most important band on the scene back then: the Sex Pistols.

After that, I recruited Joe Strummer to be our front man, played several live gigs with the band, contributed to the writing process, dropped in suggestions regarding the presentation of the band, and remained with the Clash through September 1976.  

My last gig with the Clash was at the Roundhouse in London.  We opened for the Patti Smith band.

About 18 months after that I co-founded Public Image, Ltd. (“PiL”), which is considered by many to be the first post-punk band.

PiL was also regarded as avant-garde or artistic and involved not only music but art, fashion, early video and so on.

When that second British invasion hit in London 1976 the “do-it-yourself” ethos was immense.

There were no limits on what you could or might accomplish and that scene welcomed everyone who had something original to say or an original idea to express.

Music meant something to us. It wasn’t pre-packaged or predictable. It wasn’t planned. It didn’t follow a formula. The music expressed what we were feeling. It truly came from our hearts.

It was original. It was vibrant. It was exciting. It was thought-provoking when done right. The entire scene in West London in 1976 was as far from “corporate” as anything could ever be.

Then as now I expressed myself in my music, clothing designs, and original artwork. Throughout my career I have created customized 3D handmade album and then CD custom covers to accompany my music.

My process involves incorporating objects that I have used in my life – such as skateboarding grip tape and business correspondence. I typically write, create and record my music as I make the covers that will enclose my music.

I attach bits and pieces of these and other items to my covers and also use various paints and chalks and charcoals to “slab them up.” There is a reason why I use that term.

“The Slab” is a tune that I composed on a synthesizer and acoustic guitar. It appeared on my “Commercial Zone” 1983-1984 release. I was inspired to compose “The Slab” after observing these amazing graffiti artists who were about in New York City where PiL was residing in the early 1980s.

A few months back a fan emailed photos of a custom cover to my “Commercial Zone” 1983-1984 vinyl album, which he purchased back in the day.  Here’s one:

"The Slab" and the rest of the music to “Commercial Zone” 1983-1984 was a work-in-progress. I was the principal musical composer on the “Commercial Zone” project and it was supposed to have been PiL’s fourth studio album following “First Issue,” “Metal Box” and “Flowers of Romance.”

Unfortunately creative differences over that release led me to decline continuing with PiL before the album was completed.

I always wanted to finish “Commercial Zone.” The timing, however, wasn’t right for me until 2014 when I traveled to Faust Studios in Prague, CZ and composed and recorded “Keith Levene’s Commercial Zone.”  Of course I created handmade limited edition custom covers to accompany my music.

During this time, I also wrote my book “I Was a Teenage Guitarist for the Clash!” which recalled those exciting days in West London back in the mid-1970s. The “Teen Clash” book included hand designed custom covers and some of the people who have ordered them have framed them.

The following music video of a tune that appears on my new Commercial Zone release showcases more of my “Teen Clash” product line:

Next on the agenda for me is  “The London 1976 Project.”

This project involves an art installation and music presentation to celebrate next year’s 40th 
Anniversary of that first wave of British punk.

The art installation will showcase my original Commercial Zone 1983-1984 vinyl albums/custom covers and my recent completed Commercial Zone 2014-2015 CDs/custom covers.  This art installation will be a part of a live appearance in November in Manchester and will mark the first time I’ve performed my music live since my 2012 Metal Box in Dub show in Mount Fuji.

The London 1976 project will also include an educational piece for new artists and musicians who subscribe to the ethos and spirit of 1976.

I’ve been an independent and DIY artist/composer/musician for a long time.  Both of the Commercial Zone projects (amongst my other releases) were done independently and DIY by me from start to finish. I feel if I can pull that off the students involved in "The London 1976 Project" can too.

I want to share my experiences in everything from project development, production, distribution, finance, sales, marketing, legal issues and beyond in an effort to provide today's artists and musicians with the tools so that they may hopefully carry on where we left off when that first wave of British punk hit.

As I reflect back on my four decade long career and plan “The London 1976 Project” I cannot help but think that the world is way overdue for the third British invasion.

I ask you: Where are the budding British artists and musicians who will lead the way for the next wave of global domination?

Best wishes…Keith

“LoNDoN 1976! is NoW!”


Questions? Comments?

Go to

Email me at

Tweet me @missingchannel

Visit my website at


So there ya have it - Keith's latest Project - Keith continues to work alone without big time promoters so that he keeps complete control over his products - Support Keith if you can - everything helps

Thanks to Keith & Kathy for their continued support

Friday, 7 August 2015

God Save The Sex Pistols - Paul Myers interview

Check out the God Save the Sex Pistols site for a great interview with Professionals bassist Paul Myers.
Giving you the latest news & updates about the forthcoming reunion.

read it here

Cheers to Phil & all involved with God Save the Sex Pistols for continually coming up with some great exclusives - it really is THE site for all your Sex Pistols information

Thursday, 6 August 2015

2008 - Sex Pistols - Combine Harvester Tour

Well, that's the first part of my self imposed mission complete. All the Sex Pistols posts on the blog now have been updated with upgrades where available and all with new links.

Sometime in the near future I will start work on adding new links for all my P.I.L. posts


Sex Pistols, Combine Harvester Tour posts can be found here

2007 - Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun Tour new links & upgrades

Here I go again. I have just added new links from the previous posts covering the 2007 Tour.

Once again I have managed to post a couple of upgrades in quality compared to the originals that I had shared here on Acid Drops.

This was a really enjoyable mini- tour which included 5 completely sold out nights at London's Brixton Academy.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Anniversary August - somethings special's coming your way

August is a bit of a special month for a few different reasons - 

August 2009 was when I started to get my first blog together, the Sex Pistols - PIL live recordings blog. This was the original version of what is now known as Acid Drops.

August 1975 - was when the fledgling Sex Pistols rehearsed together for the first time ever. 

August 1992 was the last time P.I.L. played together before going into a 17 year limbo.

and finally August 2015 sees the release of Public Image Ltd's new single Double Trouble. 

With Acid Drops I have tried to do many things: 
 I try to give you the most complete recordings in the best quality available.

I share many recordings that have normally been hoarded away and not easily available.

I have given you some recordings that have not been available anyway on the internet previously as well as ones that have not been available in trading circles.

I have also been lucky enough to have shared with you all recordings that fans of this blog have recorded especially for me to share with all of you lucky people.

So keep looking in as this month I will be sharing 2 special posts.
1 Sex Pistols soundboard from the 1996 tour that has not been shared before
1 PIL bootleg from the 1982 Tour which is complete & previously uncirculated - That's 2 Acid Drop exclusives for you all to celebrate this special month.

Thanks you all for all the support I have received down the years.

Thank you for all the comments and all the recordings you have sent my way - Keep them coming.

Special Thanks goes to PIL's very own Keith Levene, Martin Atkins, Pete Jones, Allan Dias & Russell Webb who have all be in contact with me in the past and been very supportive - without them my musical fandom would be very mediocre.

All the best - ALWAYS

P.I.L. Head

Monday, 3 August 2015

Happy Birthday Martin Atkins!!! from PIL Head & everyone involved with Acid Drops

Happy Birthday Martin!

Born on this day - Legendary PIL drummer Martin Atkins. 

Drummer / producer / record label owner / writer - a man of many talents and a supporter of my little blog.

I'm sure we all wish Martin the best & hope that he has a great day. 

Thank You Martin for your support and all the work and music you have given us fans down the years. Long may it continue.

All the best

PIL Head

Saturday, 1 August 2015