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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Come join The Professionals...... Reunion

That's right here's the headline banner from God Save the Sex Pistols site

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when there's more news you can be sure GSTSP site will be the first to have it & share it with all us fans.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

PIL - 25th June 2011 - Creation of Peace Festival, Millenium Square, Kazan City, Russia

More PIL in Russia- this time from 2011

01 Love Song
02 Death Disco
03 Public Image
04 Flowers of Romance
05 Warrior
06 Bags & Chant
07 Religion
08 Memories
09 Rise
10 Open Up

FLAC rip from a Russian TV broadcast here

The Professionals - Cook & Jones links

Just letting you all know that I've uploaded new links for all the Professionals gigs on this blog as well as the demos. Rather than doing loads of reposts I thought I would just post this instead (to make my life easier).

Check out the right hand side column of this blog & scroll down to find the quick route to getting to The Professionals section.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New PIL compilation CD - available now

Spectrum, via Universal, released a new career spanning PiL CD on June 1st. The 16 track compilation, entitled 'Rise: The Collection' includes songs from every PiL album 1978-2012, and also features an extensive 24 page booklet including sleevenotes, memorabilia and photos compiled and written by PiL Official.
Rise: The Collection is available now on CD and also digitally via iTunes and Spotify etc.
1. Public Image
(from the album First Issue, released 1978)
2. Careering
(from the album Metal Box, released 1979)
3. Chant (live in Paris 1980)
(from the album Paris Au Printemps, 1980)
4. Banging the Door
(from the album Flowers Of Romance, released 1981)
5. Religion (live in Tokyo 1983)
(from the album Live in Tokyo, released 1983)
6. This Is Not A Love Song (12")
(12" single, released 1983)
7. Tie Me To The Length Of That
(from the album This is What You Want...This What You Get, released 1984)
8. Rise
(from the album Album, released 1986)
9. Bags
(from the album Album, released 1986)
10. Seattle
(from the album Happy?, released 1987)
11. Angry
(from the album Happy?, released 1987)
12. Happy
(from the album 9, released 1989)
13. Disappointed (12")
(from the album 9, released 1989)
14. Don’t Ask Me 
(from the album Greatest Hits So Far, released 1990)
15. Covered
(from the album That What Is Not, released 1992)
16. Deeper Water 
(from the album This is PiL, released 2012)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

PIL - 6th June 2011, The Corporation, Sheffield

Another PIL gig from this date in history.... Enjoy!

Right! Now its time for a real treat for you all. Here's my first new recording from the 2011 Tour- and its good quality as well. I must admit that I didnt get time to break the recording down into 2 smaller files so it will take a bit of time for you to download- be patient, its worth the wait.
If you do post this elsewhere please make sure you give credit to moz666 for all his work & effort, especially you oldschoolpunkfan- you never give recognition to the source of what you post on demonoid ;-)

01 Public Image
02 Home
03 Albatross
04 This Is Not A Love Song
05 Poptones
06 Death Disco
07 Acid Drops
08 Flowers Of Romance
09 USLS1
10 Disappointed
11 Warrior
12 Bags
13 Chant
14 Religion
15 break
16 Memories
17 Rise
18 Open up
19 outro

get the FLAC here

Eternal Thanks goes to moz666 for recording this show & making it available for us all to listen to

PIL - 6th June 1992, Provinnssi Rock Festival, Finland

On this day in PIL History ...........

This one is a widely circulated, easy to find bootleg from 1992. Its a very enjoyable listen, so of course, I want to make sure you lot get a copy.
01 This Is Not A Love Song
02 Criminal
03 Love Hope
04 Think Tank
05 Rules & Regulations
06 Acid Drops
07 Cruel
08 Dont Ask Me
09 Body
10 Disappointed

Friday, 5 June 2015

PIL - 5th June 1986, Le Zenith Paris, France

Here's classic PIL recording from the 1986 Tour.
01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Low Life
04 Fishing
05 Poptones
06 Pretty Vacant
07 Banging The Door
08 Four Enclosed Walls
09 Flowers Of Romance
10 Bags
11 Round
12 Home
13 Public Image
14 Rise
16 World Destruction

get the FLAC here