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Friday, 17 April 2015

Brian Brain - 5th November 1980 - Hurrah, NYC, USA

In 1980, Martin Atkins left Public Image Ltd to concentrate on his band Brian Brain with Pete Jones (who also played with Public Image Ltd in 1982 and 1983) on bass and Bobby Surgeoner on guitar (later replaced by Olavarria's husband, Geoff Smyth). Brian Brain released six singles and one LP. The band had had a minor hit in 1980 with "They've Got Me In The Bottle"  and club hits with the singles "Jive Jive" (1981) and "Funky Zoo" (1982).

01 intro
02 At Home He's A Tourist
03 Careering
04 Fun People
05 Hello To The Working Classes
06 I Get Pain
07 They've Got Me In A Bottle
08 Turn It Into Noise
09 Unexpected Noises
10 Jet Boats Up The Ganges
11 Working In A Farmyard In A White Suit
12 Another Million Miles

get the FLAC recording here

recording supplied by & artwork created by Marky Dread

This recording is being shared with the permission of Martin Atkins & Pete Jones - a MASSIVE THank You to them both

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If anyone can add any other Brian Brain gigs to my collection please get in touch.


Monday, 6 April 2015

New links for old posts & upgrades

Just letting you know that rather than doing loads of reposts, I'm just updating old posts with new download links.

Since my original posts were made I've managed to getting many, many upgrades of various gigs that were shared here on Acid Drops. Previous MP3 & WAV recordings are now available as FLAC rips. Some are also actually better sounding, clearer recordings as well.

I've managed this by tracking down 1st gen cassette recordings & CD-r's. Many recordings have been donated to the blog as MP3's (for which I'm eternally grateful for) but I'm always on the look out for an upgrade.

Please continue to contact me if you have any recordings you wish to share. If I need them I'll have them. As you know I'm not fussy about the format, I'll always take what I need until something better comes along.

I have now uploaded every single Sex Pistols/PIL/Post Pistols & Ex PIL recording I own to various cloud drives so for the first time ever I'm actually very organised to any request for a new link can now be met very, very quickly.

Please note I will NOT be sharing links for any official released material - if you want that then support the artist by buying their product.

Stay in touch, all the best

PIL Head

Friday, 3 April 2015

Sex Pistols - 3rd April 1977, The Screen On The Green, Islington, London

Again on this day in Sex Pistols history - this time 1977 - Sid Vicious makes his live debut on bass.
01 God Save The Queen
02 I Wanna Be Me
03 Seventeen
04 New York
05 Satellite
06 EMI
07 Liar
08 Pretty Vacant
09 Problems
10 No Feelings
11 Anarchy In The UK


artwork from Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Artwork site

Sex Pistols - 3rd April 1976, Nashville Rooms, London

Here's a decent recording from on this day in history 1976. This IS the earliest known Sex Pistols recording available- others are said to exist from earlier gigs but no one ever seems to have a copy or knows anyone with a copy!
01 Did You No Wrong
02 No Lip
03 Seventeen
04 New York
05 Watcha Gonna Do About It
06 Stepping Stone
07 Submission
08 Satellite
09 No Feelings
10 Pretty Vacant
11 No Fun
12 Substitute
13 Problems
14 Understanding


artwork from Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Artwork