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Friday, 20 February 2015

Sex Pistols 27 July 2002 - Pistols at the Palace concert programme

here's a scan of the complete concert programme sold at the Sex Pistols gig at Crystal Palace, London in 2002.

Its in CBR format. I thought I would share a little something different & unusual for your entertainment

Click on the link for your free download. Leaving a comment is also free ;-)

Concert programme

Friday, 6 February 2015

Chiefs of Relief - 21st March 1987 - Bedford Boys Club

Another Acid Drops Exclusive!!

Paul Cook in his post Pistols/Professionals band - the Chiefs of Relief.
The is the second of only 2 full live recordings known to exist & neither have been widely available on the internet until I gave them to you.


part 1

 part 2

Monday, 2 February 2015

Sid Vicious - September 1978 - The Max's, Kansas bootlegs

To continue my tribute to Sid I give you these 4 bootlegs- some of these are upgrades in quality to the original posts that I have made in the past.

In September 1978 Sid played a residency at Max's, Kansas. Here's all 4 of the bootleg recordings that have been available down the years.
Click on the links to get your free downloads-

Max's Kansas, NY, USA 07.09.78 FLAC

Max's Kansas, NY, USA 28.09.78 FLAC

Max's Kansas, NY, USA 29.09.78 MP3

Max's Kansas, NY, USA 30.09.78 MP3

PLEASE NOTE - new links added 3rd March 2017

2nd February 1979 - Sid Vicious commemorative post

36 Years ago today Punk icon/legend John Simon Ritchie, better known as Sid Vicious, passed away. We all know Sid's sad story. In memory of Sid's passing I have decided to repost new links for all of his bootleg live recordings that I have in my collection.

Click on the links to get your free downloads

Suzie & the Banshees - Punk Rock Festival, 100 Club 20th September 1976

Sid Vicious solo from Sex Pistols gig in Huddersfield 25th December 1977

Vicious White Kids aka Sid Sods Off - Electric Ballroom, London 15th August 1978