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Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Human Condition (ft Jah Wobble & Jim Walker) 13th September 1981, The Collegiate Theatre, London

Here's an old recording featuring 2 of PIL's original founding members - Jah Wobble & Jim Walker.


Get ya MP3 here for free

The Pop Group - 12th June 2015, Boxxed, Digbeth, Birmingham - Supersonic Festival


Steve Jones - 23rd September 1989, Concrete Foundations Forum, Hollywood

here's just 4 tracks from a Steve Jones gig, from 1989.


Slinky Vagabond - ft Glen Matlock rare tracks

I don't really know much about Slinky Vagabond. They were one of the many so called ''supergroups''. 
Formed in May 2007 they didn't last long.
Keanan Duffy - vocals
Glen Matlock - Bass
Clem Burke - Drums
Earl Slick - Guitar (David Bowie's guitarist)

these are the only tracks I have

The Clash - 27th July 1978, Music Machine, London

In a Post Pistols 1978 World, Steve Jones, Paul Cook & Jimmy Pursey joined the Clash on stage to perforn at one of their gigs at The Music Machine London.

get ya MP3 here


Sex Pistols - 2nd August 2008- Lokerse Festival, Belgium

here's a partial set from the 2008 Combine Harvester Tour.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Keith Levene's DIY film to premier at London's "Screen on the Green"


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (15/12/15) London, UK.  The massively influential British guitarist, composer, artist, educator and Clash/Public Image, Ltd. founder member Keith Levene will premier his DIY film “Keith Levene’s London 1976!!” at the historic Screen on the Green theater in Islington on August 29, 2016 as part of his “London 1976 Festival.” 

This special evening will be a one-off happening celebrating a quintessentially and historically significant time in British history:  The first wave of punk, which emerged from the streets of West London and went global.

The date marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary “Midnight Special” when Levene and the Clash, the Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks performed a midnight concert at the world-renowned Screen during punk’s “year zero” on August 29, 1976.

Levene’s film is based on his DIY original art/book “I Was a Teen Guitarist for the Clash!” and will feature his original music, artwork, designs and Levene’s personal recollections and memories of being a skateboarding, pinball-playing 17-18 year old guitarist on the scene as punk exploded.

For the fiercely independent Levene, there could be no place other than the Screen on the Green to debut his film.

“I recently returned to the Screen on the Green for the first time since1976.” states Levene “I was pleased and quite frankly relieved to see the venue has maintained its integrity and charm.  I congratulate the Screen’s management and staff for pulling this off.”

Levene adds “I urge anyone who wants to celebrate the spirit and ethos of British punk as we mark its 40th anniversary to support the Screen and other independent venues as well as independent artists, designers and writers. For independence, alternative viewpoints, and freedom of expression above all else is punk’s greatest legacy.”

In addition to the world premier of “Keith Levene’s London 1976!,” a discussion and live musical performance is planned as is an interactive gallery display featuring Levene’s new artwork which will also be available on his website at later this month. “Although music was of course central to anything and everything punk, art and design were also integral” Levene explains. “Consequently, a live interactive art gallery involving the audience members is a must.”

For further information, contact

Christmas Freebies coming soon

well the year is nearly at an end. What a great Year it has been for all of us PIL fans - a new studio LP, new Live LP, a 10'' single, 2 x Ltd edition one sided 7'' etched singles, Ltd edition live box sets, UK, European & US Tour - we have been spoilt ''Rotten''... and there's still an official DVD on its way somewhen in the future.

To end the year with I'll be posting a few more audios very soon that have not been shared on Acid Drops before. 

These will be relating to projects that the various members of the Sex Pistols have been involved with and I'm sure I'll be able to dig out something relating to PIL as well

I've spent a lot of this year doing new links for all my old posts and many of those posts have now been upgraded to better quality versions compared to those that had been previously shared.

Keep looking in, something new will be coming your way soon.

Oh Yeah!!!!!

Friday, 11 December 2015

PIL - Ltd edition live boxsets available from Concertlive

these are lovely collections and for a really low price, grab them while you can.

New, limited edition, Public Image Ltd Concert Live album box sets – ONLY 250 of each volume available
Volume 1 comes in white, with a black printed finish. The set contains:
O2 Academy Birmingham, 15.12.09 
O2 Academy Leeds, 16.12.09
Manchester Academy, 19.12.09
Volume 2 comes in black, with a white printed finish. The set contains:
O2 Academy Brixton, 21.12.09
Isle of Wight Festival , 11.06.11
O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 02.10.15
Only 250 of each box set will ever be produced, and at just £20, be sure not to miss out on one of the ultimate live PiL collections.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

John Lydon, Psycho's Path - The Palace, LA 13th August 1997 - photos


Another Acid Drops Exclusive.

Once again Moises Mendez has been kind enough to share some of his personal collection with us all. This time from John Lydon's solo tour of 1997. 

These are all previously unpublished.

Thanks Moises

Steve Jones in Fantasy 7 - photos

an Acid Drops exclusive.

On the PIL Head facebook page I've posted a selection of photos of Steve Jones from his time in Fantasy 7. 

These have never been published before & have been sent to me by Moises Mendez, from his personal collection, to be shared with you all.

Thank You Moises

Saturday, 28 November 2015

2012 PIL gigs now with new links

all the old 2012 gig now have new links added and a couple of upgrades in there as well

PIL 2012 gigs can be found here

2011 PIL gigs have had new links added

new links for my old posts of PIL gigs from 2011 have now been added

PIL gigs from 2011 can be found here

Jah Wobble in Conversation - 20th June 2012 - Beatnik Records, Altrincham

Another Acid Drops Exclusive!

here's a great audio of Jah Wobble in conversation from a couple of years back. It was recorded by Wegga who gained Jah's permission to record it at the time. He talks about his life and the people in it including Sid Vicious.

Its a great listen.

Big Thanks to Wegga for sending this to me & giving me permission to put it on the blog for all of you to enjoy. This recording is not available anywhere else.

PIL - 23rd November 2015 - The Showbox, Seattle, WA 23.11.15

here's a recording which is of the full show but has some minor editing out of the crowd inbetween a few (but not all) of the songs.

set list

no artwork for this one.


ACID DROPS EXCLUSIVE! PIL - 20th November 2015 - Gothic Theater, Englewood, Denver, CO

This is an Acid Drops exclusive recording.

This was recorded by friend & supporter of the blog Volcano Man. He recorded the show with the specific purpose of sending it my way to share with all you PIL fans out there.

This recording is NOT available anywhere else on the net (until some cheeky sod grabs it from here & posts it elsewhere - which is fine as long as credit is given to the original source)

This really is a very good recording of the show and I know you'll all enjoy it.

01 Double Trouble
02 Know Now
03 This Is Not a Love Song
04 Bettie Page
05 Deeper Water
06 Corporate
07 Death Disco
08 The One
09 Disappointed
10 The Body
11 Warrior
12 Religion
13 Open Up / Shoom
14 Public Image
15 Rise

It comes with full cd artwork that I created myself.


A massive THANK YOU to Volcano Man for taking the time to record & share this recording with all us PIL fans - we truly are grateful. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

PIL - 16th November 2015 - Playstation Theater, Times Square, NYC, NY

Another great recording from the 2015 Tour - this time its from the U.S. leg of the tour and it has a slightly different set to that which was played in the UK.

set list

We have petercul to Thank for this recording - its truly appreciated.

cd artwork included.


PIL - 13th October 2015 - Alte Seilerei, Mannheim, Germany

Well here's the first recording I have from this years Tour which I can share with you all.
New album, new tour - Happy PIL fans.

set list

I've been asked to make sure I give credit to MILAVALENTI for the recording & I also send them my Thanks as well 

cd artwork included


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Public Image Limited (This is PIL) - Facebook fan group

There's a really good Facebook fan page run by Mags Piper. Its strictly PIL related & worth joining.

Lots of like minded fans chatting about their PIL experiences & sharing pics of their collectables.

Take a look & join in the fun

Facebook fan group can be found here

Friday, 16 October 2015

No Official releases are on this blog - so DONT ASK!

In the last month I have received a few polite but very silly email requests. So once again I thought I would post a very clear statement.

I WILL NOT be posting any officially released live audios on this blog.
In the past I did so in error. I was new to blogging back then, not very careful & very naive about what I was doing. I learnt that I had made some mistakes, corrected them & have tried very hard to avoid making similar mistakes since.

So, NO, I will NOT be posting the audio for the gig at Shepherds Bush from the 2015 Tour - funnily enough this is the only gig from 2015 that I actually have an audience recording of but seeing as there is a bloody great quality official version out there I wont be posting it (or sharing it privately by email) - so please dont ask me again. All future emails on this subject will be ignored & will not receive an answer.

Also I will not be posting any versions of the 2009 ALife Tour recordings that have been officially released or the Isle of Wight gig either.

Support the artists & buy their official products.

Shepherds Bush gig & What the World Needs Now bundle available from Concert Live here

PIL products from Concert Live can be found here

Bettie Page/ The One limited edition 7'' singles pre-order available from Cargo here

Cargo Records - What The World Needs Now available here

1986 - PIL gigs new links & upgrades updated

here we go again. Well in the last month I saw PIL twice & have generally been enjoying the 2 new albums and the new Tour. But now its back to business.

I have now added new links to all the fan recordings of PIL gigs from 1986. A couple are upgrades in quality to the original posts, but most are just new links for the same recordings that were here originally.

help ya selves to some free downloads.


the 1986 Tour audios can be found here

Sunday, 27 September 2015

1984-85 PIL gigs, new links, upgrades and artwok

new links for all the PIL gigs from 1984 & 1985 that I have posted are now live.
Once again some of the posts are upgrades in quality & some now include CD artwork which they had previously been missing

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Happy Birthday Pete Jones

Today sees the Birthday of one time PIL Bass and friend of the blog, player Pete Jones.

Happy Birthday Pete

Currently working hard with post punk legends Department S.

(pic above - me & Pete - after a Department S gig, 2014)

Have a great day Pete - Have a cold beer & enjoy!

All the best from everyone involved with Acid Drops

Saturday, 19 September 2015

1983 PIL gigs -new links & upgrades

I've started the next phase of my mission.

All PIL gigs from 1983 now have new download links. Once again some of the posts are upgrades in quality compared to the versions originally posted.

PIL 1983 gigs can be found here