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Friday, 10 October 2014

Requests for reposts/new links

Hello everyone
I seemed to have received quite a big list of requests for reposts by a few different people. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm happy to sort all the requests out but I have a busy week or 2 ahead so you will have to be a little patient.

Regular followers of the blog will be able to assure you that I always get them the end.

I would prefer that future requests are emailed to me via as I check my email daily.
Please put as much info about the request as possible


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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PIL - 3rd August 1987 -- Grona Lund Amusement Park, Stockholm, Sweden

Here's one I've not posted before & for the life of me I cant think where I got it from or why I havent shared it.
A decent quality recording & very enjoyable.

01 Rise
02 Low Life
03 Open & Revolving
04 Hard Times
05 World Destruction
06 Home
07 Round
08 Rules & Regulations
09 Fishing
10 FFF
11 Annalisa
12 Holidays in the Sun
13 Public Image
14 crowd noise
15 This Is Not A Love Song

FLAC here

Repost - PIL - 26th March 1992, Crawford Hall, UC Irvine USA

Another one requested by Jay.

A really good sounding recording from PIL's last tour in '92 before reforming 17 years later. John has a go at some idiot in the audience for spitting at the end of Think Tank & a pop at security at the end of Covered. Lydon is on good form & so are the rest of the band. I know you lot will enjoy this one. Again it's one that's not seen too often on other sites or trade lists. Enjoy!
01 intro
02 This Is Not A Love Song
03 Criminal
04 Love Hope
05 Think Tank
06 Rules & Regulations
07 John banter
08 Disappointed
09 Acid Drops
10 Lucks Up
11 Cruel
12 The Body

13 Covered
14 Rise
15 Rise (reprise)


PIL - 24th August 1988, Tavistia Klub, Helsinki, Finland

 This gig is as rare a chickens teeth. I got this one through the generosity of a bloke who trades under the name of Chameleon. All Hail Chameleon, without him I would not be able to give this to you guys.
When you take this & post it elsewhere please make sure that Chameleon & I get a mention of Thanks for the sharing of this upload
01 Public Image
02 FFF
03 Seattle
04 Home
05 Bags
06 Rise
07 Hard Times
08 Religion
09 Rules & Regulations
10 Angry
11 Open & Revolving
12 Holidays In The Sun
13 This Is Not A Love Song
14 The Body
15 World Destruction


Repost - PIL - 11th March 1988 Victoria Pavillion, Chicago

 A bloody awful audience recording from 1988.
01 Public Image
02 FFF
03 Seattle
04 Home
05 Rise
06 The Body
07 Rules & Regulations
08 Open & Revolving
09 Holidays In The Sun
10 This Is Not A Love Song


a repost for Jay by request