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Monday, 3 November 2014

Sex Pistols - 23rd July 1977 - Barbarellas, Växjö, Sweden

Every now & then something wonderful appears.
A previously unknown recording from 1977. Fairly good quality as well considering its age.
FLAC ripped from an MP3 Youtube video (so NOT a true FLAC version - but better than most), track separated & full CD artwork as well.

Anarchy In the UK
I Wanna Be Me
New York
No Fun
No Feelings
God Save the Queen
Pretty Vacant.

get FLAC here

A MASSIVE Thank You to Joachim Tevebring for sharing his 37 year old recording with us all on Youtube

Thanks to Sid Vicius for ripping & working on the recording so that I can share it with you all.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Requests for reposts/new links

Hello everyone
I seemed to have received quite a big list of requests for reposts by a few different people. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm happy to sort all the requests out but I have a busy week or 2 ahead so you will have to be a little patient.

Regular followers of the blog will be able to assure you that I always get them the end.

I would prefer that future requests are emailed to me via as I check my email daily.
Please put as much info about the request as possible


PIL Head -

still collecting & still sharing

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PIL - 3rd August 1987 -- Grona Lund Amusement Park, Stockholm, Sweden

Here's one I've not posted before & for the life of me I cant think where I got it from or why I havent shared it.
A decent quality recording & very enjoyable.

01 Rise
02 Low Life
03 Open & Revolving
04 Hard Times
05 World Destruction
06 Home
07 Round
08 Rules & Regulations
09 Fishing
10 FFF
11 Annalisa
12 Holidays in the Sun
13 Public Image
14 crowd noise
15 This Is Not A Love Song

FLAC here

Repost - PIL - 26th March 1992, Crawford Hall, UC Irvine USA

Another one requested by Jay.

A really good sounding recording from PIL's last tour in '92 before reforming 17 years later. John has a go at some idiot in the audience for spitting at the end of Think Tank & a pop at security at the end of Covered. Lydon is on good form & so are the rest of the band. I know you lot will enjoy this one. Again it's one that's not seen too often on other sites or trade lists. Enjoy!
01 intro
02 This Is Not A Love Song
03 Criminal
04 Love Hope
05 Think Tank
06 Rules & Regulations
07 John banter
08 Disappointed
09 Acid Drops
10 Lucks Up
11 Cruel
12 The Body

13 Covered
14 Rise
15 Rise (reprise)


PIL - 24th August 1988, Tavistia Klub, Helsinki, Finland

 This gig is as rare a chickens teeth. I got this one through the generosity of a bloke who trades under the name of Chameleon. All Hail Chameleon, without him I would not be able to give this to you guys.
When you take this & post it elsewhere please make sure that Chameleon & I get a mention of Thanks for the sharing of this upload
01 Public Image
02 FFF
03 Seattle
04 Home
05 Bags
06 Rise
07 Hard Times
08 Religion
09 Rules & Regulations
10 Angry
11 Open & Revolving
12 Holidays In The Sun
13 This Is Not A Love Song
14 The Body
15 World Destruction


Repost - PIL - 11th March 1988 Victoria Pavillion, Chicago

 A bloody awful audience recording from 1988.
01 Public Image
02 FFF
03 Seattle
04 Home
05 Rise
06 The Body
07 Rules & Regulations
08 Open & Revolving
09 Holidays In The Sun
10 This Is Not A Love Song


a repost for Jay by request

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Repost - PIL - 13th March 1988 Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, MO

PIL - 13th March 1988 Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, MO

Another piss poor quality audience recording from '88. Not the full gig either.
01 Seattle (cuts in)
02 Home
03 Rise
04 The Body
05 Rules & Regulations
06 Open & Revolving
07 Holidays In The Sun
08 This Is Not A Love Song

Artwork from Tich's site
Recording originally supplied by Welshy

Repost - PIL - 19th March 1988 Radio City Music Hall, New York

PIL - 19th March 1988 Radio City Music Hall, New York

Tonight I give you another PIL recording from 1988. The quality of this one is soooo much better than the last 3 I posted from this particular year. You dont get this one turning up too often so I'm really chuffed to be passing on something that's a little harder to find
01 Public Image
02 FFF
03 Seattle
04 Home
05 Rise
06 The body
07 Rules & Regulations
08 Open & Revolving
09 Holidays In The Sun
10 This Is Not A Love Song

Originally supplied by Welshy (again)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Pete Jones - PIL 1982/83 Personal pictures

Pete was kind enough to share some pictures of his time in PIL & said it was ok if I pass them on.

there's more over at the PIL Head facebook page.

A big THANK YOU to Pete for letting us see this unique items.

follow the link

Monday, 7 July 2014

PIL Head Blog taking a break

Everything's quiet on the music front so I'm taking time out to finally catalog my collection into some sort of order. I'll start reposting in the near future. I'll also be creating my own CD covers (I hope)- Thanks for all your continued love and support -

Please me if you come across any new stuff you'd think I'd like- I'm still looking for music to share amongst fans

See you soon

PIL Head

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Keith Levene initiative

I've been away for a few months but still wanted to publicize this

get involved if you can, every little helps-

Please promote this on  your blogs/websites/facebook pages etc etc 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Keith Levene - Interactive tweetfest LIVE TONIGHT!!!!!!

sorry its last minute notice but a death in the family has left out ofsorts

Join PIL Legend Keith Levene on an interactive tweetfest

in approx 1 hour join in the fun

Listen on the web:

follow @missingchannel

Last years intereactive tweetfest was amazing fun- great muci, great interview & fan interaction from all over the World.

It got so mad we crashed the radio station's broadcast