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Thursday, 14 November 2013

PIL - 15th November 1983 - City Hall, Newcastle

Another audience recording from PIL's first ever full tour of the UK back in 1983- I give you 2 versions of this gig from 2 different sources


01 Public Image
02 Low Life
03 Annalisa
04 Religion
05 Memories 
06 Solitaire
07 Flowers of Romance /
10 Chant
11 Anarchy in the UK
12 This Is Not a Love Song
13 Attack (cut)

M4A here & MP3 here

PIL - 2nd July 1983 - Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

I've had this recording for a long time & for the life of me I cant remember where it came from- Dunno if it was sent to me for the blog or something I got in a trade.
Its a good quality recording from PIL's second night at the Plaza

01 crowd intro
02 Public Image
03 Low Life
04 Annalisa
05 Religion
06 Anarchy In The UK
07 Solitaire
08 Flowers of Romance
09 Albatross
10 Death Disco
11 Banging The Door
12 Bad Life
13 This Is Not A Love Song
14 Chant
15 Under The House

FLAC here

Glen Matlock - 5th October 2013 - Atelier des Môles, Montbeliard

Here's Glen's full acoustic show from a couple of weeks back. Not a bad audience recording. It's so good that Glen is still out there working hard.

He's gigging again, very soon, with his band The Philistines and in January he's back in the recording studio for an album with his other project (which I absolutely love) - The International Swingers.


01 Somewhere, Somehow

02 Burning Sounds

03 God Save The Queen

04 Yeah Right

05 Ambition

06 Ghosts of Princes in Towers

07 Live Wire

08 Dead End Street

09 ?

10 Stepping Stone

11 Born Running

12 Pretty Vacant

13 All or Nothing

FLAC rip from CDR

Recording supplied by Simonr - Thank You

Simon's been kind enough to send me a lot of interview stuff going back years, I might start to post that as well as the music stuff- he's archive is bloody amazing.

Friday, 1 November 2013

PIL - 12th August 2012 - The Forum, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Another fine audience recording.

.Disc 1
1. This Is Not a Love Song
2. Deeper Water
3. Albatross
4. One Drop
5. Disappointed
6. Warrior
7. Reggie Song
8. Flowers of Romance

Disc 2
9. Lollipop Opera
10.Death Disco
14.Out of The Woods
16.Open Up


recorded by Paul
Recording supplied by PontiacB

PIL - 10th April 2013 - Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia

01. Four Enclosed Walls
02. Albatross
03. Deeper Water
04. Memories
05. Reggie Song
06. Disappointed
07. Warrior
08. Flowers Of Romance
09. One Drop
10. Death Disco
11. (This Is Not A) Love Song
12. Public Image
13. (encore banter)
14. Out of The Woods
15. Rise
16. Open Up

Thanks to Simonr - for this recording & the pics - you may know of Simon from his work on The Never Mind The Bollocks Here's the Artwork site