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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sex Pistols - 14th January 1978- Winterland, San Francisco, USA- soundcheck & full gig

Lets face it, this gig is not rare, unknown or hard to find & had many, many releases down the years. So why am I posting it? I hear you ask. Because as usual I'm giving you something slightly different. You can buy the DVD or the CD- they all sound the same.

Recently, after 35 years the sound check for this gig has surfaced- & it aint too bad either. A proper gem. So that's what I'm giving you.... but hang on, the gig I'm posting is slightly different from what you can buy in the shops

Friend of the blog, Sid Vicious, sent me a lovely sounding recording which is actually slightly longer than what we're used to...only a minute or two but it's still worth having.

So I give you the 20 minute sound check plus the full gig in FLAC.

Belsen Was A Gas
Pretty Vacant
No Feelings

01 God Save The Queen
02  I Wanna Be Me
03 Seventeen
04 New York
05 EMI
06 Belsen Was A Gas
07 Bodies
08 Holidays In The Sun
09 Liar
10 No Feelings
11 Problems
12 Pretty Vacant
13 Anarchy In The UK
14 No Fun

get FLAC here

Thanks to Sid and Guttersnipe for the original shares - always appreciated!