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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Iggy Pop - The Steve Jones Demos, Hancock Park Studios, September 1985

Here's a requested repost for you all.

These demos were recorded in September 1985 at the Hancock Park Studios. This download was gleaned together from 3 seperate sources to complete the session & to be honest they were bloody hard to track down.

01 Beside You (WAV)
02 When Dreaming Fails (FLAC)
03 Purple Haze (FLAC)
04 Family Affair (FLAC)
05 Woman Dream (FLAC)

get them here

They're good quality recordings.
Cheers to Marky Dread for helping me complete the set

Saturday, 13 July 2013

PIL - 12th July 2013, BBK Live Festival, Bilbao,Spain

Hot of the press. Last nights PIL gig at the BBK Live Festival in Spain

Another hour long festival set, slightly different to the recent Glastonbury Festival set, but another excellent performance

  1. This Is Not a Love Song
supplied by Sid Vicious (probably not THE Sid though)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sex Pistols - 17th July 1996, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England

Another repost, this one's for Phil

01 Bodies
02 Seventeen
03 New York
04 Did You No Wrong
05 No Feelings
06 God Save The Queen
07 Liar
08 Satellite
09 Steppin' Stone
10 Submission
11 Holidays In The Sun
12 Pretty Vacant
13 EMI
14 Anarchy In The UK
15 Problems
16 Roadrunner
17 No Fun

artwork from Tich's site

PIL - 27th June 2013, The Dome, Brighton

This was a great night out and yet another PIL gig that I thoroughly enjoyed. The band played extremely well & Lydon was on good form with his humor.
There's a FLAC version of this gig on Guitars101 but the opening track is missing the first few minutes.

My version is a good sounding MP3 but it IS THE FULL SHOW!
01 Albertross
02 Deeper Water
03 Memories
04 Reggie Song
05 Disappointed
06 Warrior
07 Flowers of Romance
08 One Drop
09 Death Disco
10 Love Song
11 Public Image
12 Out Of The Woods
13 Rise
14 Open Up

FLAC upgrade here
Thanks to wabsnazsm 

PIL - 30th June 2013, Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm England

A wonderfully short Festival set from the Glastonbury Festival. A hot sunny day and a few thousand PIL heads standing in a field enjoying the show.
This is a wonderful set, no Lydon talking bollocks of winding the crowd up. Just a straight forward musical moment of joy.

01 Love Song
02 Reggie Song
03 Warrior
04 One Drop
05 Death Disco
06 Public Image
07 Rise
08 Open Up

WAV format

Thanks to JC for grabbing this for me while my computer was dead

the Blog(ger) is Back! Hello from PIL Head

Hello everybody!
I hope you're all good & well and being nice to each other.
Well amongst other things (personal life shit) I've had no computer for 3 months hence no blogging.
I also had a virus which wiped out my email accounts (Thanks to my son for that one)
Luckily all my bootlegs are backed up on external hard drives & I've managed to rebuild my email accounts AND I HAVE MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!

I haven't just been sitting on my arse though & I have plenty to share including 6 PIL gigs from 2013.

I've received lots of requests for the PIL set at last week's Glastonbury Festival as this has not been available outside of the UK

SO later this afternoon I will be sharing with you the lossless audio of the complete show that was streamed live in the U.K.

If anyone has emailed me in the last couple of months & not had a reply, please mail me again.
Things are back to normal now & I intend to resume normal regular service

Thanks to all of you for still looking in on my little musical adventure

May the blog Rise with You

PIL Head