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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Martin Atkins gives Acid Drops the OK

Former PIL drummer- musician, Producer & mentor Martin Atkins has been kind enough to give me his consent to post some live recordings from bands he has been involved with down the years.

Martin has had a long and varied career in the music industry & apart from PIL (of course) he has been the force behind Invisible Records and a couple of other bands that I have loved - Brian Brain & Pig Face

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say hello & check out his current projects

PIL Head Thanks him for his support - he has made a fan very happy

Expect some of Martin's live career to appear here soon

Sex Pistols Photo Archive 1975-78

Just wanted to publise a new fan made, not for profit photo archive of rare Sex Pistols pictures from 1975-78. Put together by a chap who goes by the name of George Barry

Take a look & give the site a 'Like'

You'll find it here:

The Professionals - 10th June 1982, Hitsville, Passaic, New Jersey,USA

Another request for a repost- this one's for Joe who sent us the PIL, Philly gig.
Here's a Professionals gig.. It's quite a good quality recording as well.I hope you like it.
01 Little Boys
02 Madhouse
03 Just Another Dream
04 Northern Slide
05 The Magnificent
06 Too Far To Fall
07 Friday Night Square
08 All The Way
09 Suspicious Minds
10 All The Nasty Girls
11 Kick Down The Doors
12 Silly Thing
13 123
14 Payola
15 Join The Professionals
16 radio interview from Boston (21st October 1981)

MP3 here

Thanks to Marky Dread for this one- comes with Marky's cover

Sex Pistols - 22nd August 1996, Universal City, LA, USA

Here's a repost as requested.
An average audience recording. Nothing special. Too much of the audience in my opinion, which can be quite annoying.
01 Bodies
02 Seventeen
03 New York
04 Did You No Wrong
05 No Feelings
06 God Save The Queen
07 Liar
08 Satellite
09 Steppin' Stone
10 Submission
11 Holidays In The Sun
12 Pretty Vacant
13 EMI
14 Anarchy In The UK
15 Problems

get MP3 here

it comes with artwork taken from Tich's Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Artwork site

PIL - 17 July 2010, Benicassim festival, Escenario Fiberfib, Spain

Here's a wonderful audience recording from 2010. For ages now a broadcast version has been easily available but this was missing the first few minutes of Love Song- here's a complete audience recording for your enjoyment.
01 This is not a love song 
02 Death disco 
03 Tie me to the lenght of that 
04 Albatros 
05 Rise 
06 Flowers of romance 
07 Memories 
08 Warrior 
09 Bags 
10 Religion 
11 Public image 

12 Open up 


Thanks to Renaud for recording & making available to share for all PIL fans everywhere

PIL - 1985 Tour Programme

Every now & again I like to chuck in something different for you away from the usual bootleg recordings.
Tonight I give you a scanned copy of the 1985 Tour Programme as a record of that time

Sent to Acid Drops specifically for sharing with you fans by Glyn Powell from his collection

Thanks Glyn

Thursday, 7 February 2013

more shit from media-coming under- fire

I dont get it???
I had a link removed & a strike added against my media fire account for a post I made back in 2010.. Fucking 2010
Sex Pistols, Winter Gardens, December 1976

the thing I dont understand is that the post in question is an audience recording that is easily available on torrent sites, download sites & Ebay on a regular basis & it HAS NOT been officially of semi officially released as far as I know.

I might email mediafire to find out who put the complaint in

I cant believe some fukka has complained about a post that is over 2 years old & very easily available

It also proves that NO ONE reads the blog properly cos if they did they would know that an email to myself would get the post & link removed with no problems