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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sex Pistols - 10th August 1996, Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

Here's another one that I seem to have forgotten to post in the past. Again it's from the 1996 Sex Pistols, Filthy Lucre Tour.
I got this one off Dime quite a while back

get FLAC here

Recording & artworks are thanks to Alex Butterfield (I think???)

Sex Pistols - 9th August 1996 - Roseland Ballroom, NY, USA

Here's  nice clear sounding recording from the Filthy Lucre Tour of 1996-

01 Bodies
02 Seventeen
03 New York
04 Did You No Wrong
05 No Feelings
06 God Save The Queen
07 Liar
08 Satellite
09 Steppin' Stone
10 Submission
11 Holidays In The Sun
12 Pretty Vacant
13 EMI
14 Anarchy In The UK
15 Problems
16 No Fun

front & back cover supplied by the site Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Artwork 
Thanks to Tich for allowing the artwork on his site to be shared

Friday, 21 December 2012

Seasons Greetings from PIL Head

Like most of you I'm snowed under with work and family commitments at this time of year but I wanted to make sure that I left you all a message.

Have a good festive season whatever your beliefs are.

Once again I thank you all for your continued support with the blog.
Thanks for continually looking in, thank you for downloading my shares, thank you for all your comments & A BIG THANK YOU for sending me new recordings to pass on to other fans.

All of you make this fun & worthwhile and help me stay interested in passing on my archive.

I'm not sure if I will get time to pass on anything else this year but 

ACID DROPS WILL continue into 2013

Be safe, be happy & All The Best


PIL Head 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

PIL - 4th August 2012, Blackpool, Rebellion Festival, Empress Ballroom, Wintergardens, UK

Here's another PIL outing from the 2012 UK Tour
An audience recording that starts out a bit crackly but improves as it goes on
Love Song
Deeper Water
Reggie Song
Flowers Of Romance
Lollipop Opera
Death Disco
Bags / Chant
Out Of The Woods
One Drop
Open Up

sent to Acid Drops for sharing by Glyn Powell -
Cheers Glyn for another one off the 'Wants' list

Monday, 10 December 2012

The Creepy Dolls- new EP for download - OUT NOW

As you know every now & again I like to advertise a little something that is commercially available from the artists I like (& like to support)
Today I want to bring to your attention the new EP 'Spit' from The Creepy Dolls.

This 6 track E.P. is very reasonably priced & available to buy here:

Their first EP- Grand Finale is also worth grabbing

The Creepy Dolls are former PIL bassist Pete Jones and French guitarist and songwriter Frederic Saurd.

Here's a rare pic of Pete in his PIL days with Mr Lydon

My 'Wants' list - updated

just thought I would chance my arm by posting an updated Wants list

There's plenty of chance that there are recordings I dont know about that are not on the list but this is what I know of that I would love a copy of. Have a dig around & ask anyone else you know who collects bootlegs.

Public Image Ltd
Cornwall Coliseum, St Austell 6 November 1983
Leeds University, UK 18 November 1983
Hammersmith Palais, London 5th December 1983
Rock City, Nottingham 7 December 1983
King Georges Hall, Blackburn 11 December 1983
Odeon Theatre, Birmingham 12 December 1983
Top Rank, Cardiff 13 December 1983

Starry Night Club, Portland OR 16 October  1984
Crest Theatre, Sacramento 20 October 1984
DVD Olympic auditorium CA 16th November 1984 
ANU Performing Arts Centre Canberra, Australia 16 December 1984
The Palais, Melbourne, Australia 18 December 1984 (full gig only)
The Barton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia 22 December 1984
RSL Club, Ballina, Australia 28 December  1984
Rock Arena @ Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane, Australia 29 December 1984

Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club, Sydney, Australia 3 January 1985
Royal Antler Hotel, Sydney, Australia 4 January 1985 

Arts Centre,Poole, Dorset 22 May 1986
Temple Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada 16 June 1986
Phantasy Nite Club, Cleveland, OH 17 June 1986
Riviera Theatre, Chicago 20th June 1986  
Hollywood Palladium, LA 5 July 1986
Arcadia Theatre, Dallas, Texas 12 July 1986

Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway 10 August 1987
Canecao, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 21 August 1987
Apollo Theatre, Manchester 25 September 1987
Das Metropltheatrer, Berlin, Germany 21 October 1987
Riviera Theatre, Chicago 28th November 1987 

The Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, GA 3 March 1988

Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN 27 June 1989
Master Builders Club, Illawarra, Australia 10 August 1989
The Hills Centre, Castle Hill, Australia 12 August 1989
The Workers Club, Newcastle, Australia 15 August 1989
Easts Leagues Rugby Club, Brisbane, Australia 18 August 1989
Arts Factory Lodge, Byron Bay, Australia 20 August 1989

The Shrine Mosque, Springfield, MO 8 April 1992
Aston Villa Centre, Birmingham 5 May 1992

Showbox at Market, Seattle 20 April 2010
Midland Theatre, KansasCity, MO 26 April 2010
Rock Zottegem Festival, Belgium 10 July 2010
O2 Academy, Liverpool 14 July 2010

Primavera Sound, Parc Del Forum, Barcelona, Spain 26 May 2011
The Empire, Middlebrough 1 June 2011
The Coal Exchange, Cardiff 2 June 2011-09-26
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium 4 June 2011
53 Degrees, Preston 7 June 2011
Rabarock Festival, Tallinn, Estonia 18 June 2011
Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway 21 June 2011 
Fiera Della Misuca Azzano Deciimo, Italy 8 July 2011
Trencin, Slovakia 9 July 2011
Guilfest, Guiildford 17 July 2011 
Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan 15 August 2011

Impact Festival, Warsaw, Bemowo Airport, Poland, July 27th 2012
Dublin, Button Factory, Ireland, July 29th 2012
Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, UK 3rd August 2012
Newcastle, O2 Academy, UK, August 6th 2012 
ManchesterHMV Ritz, UK, August 7th 2012
Split Festival, Ashbrooke Sports Ground, Sunderland, UK, September 22nd 2012

Steve Jones
Dano Jones Band, North Hollywood 26 July 1985

Neurotic Outsiders
Paris 24 September 1996 (4 tracks)
Santa Cruz Catalyst 7 January 1996
Boardwalk Cafe, Orangeville, CA 9 January 1996
Boston Mamakin 6 September 1996
Toronto 8 September 1996
Pontiac Michigan 13 September 1996
Munich Incognito 24 September 1996
Hamburg 27 September 1996
Koln Luxor 28 September 1996

any Brian Brain live,

I'll take them in any quaity or format as my mantra has always been 'if I havent got it I'll take a copy until something better turns up'

Thanks for taking a look- get searching ;-)

post updated 23rd August 2015

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Volcano Man- request fulfilled

here ya go mate a new link added for your Sex Pistols request

Saturday, 8 December 2012

more new links for old posts

as requested by ommyth,

Le Palace 17 Jan 1980 has a new link

& so does Le Palace 18 Jan 1980

If any post has a missing or dead link can you email me & I will sort a new link out for you. Depending on work or home life it might take a few days but as my regulars will tell you - I ALWAYS get there in the end

Friday, 7 December 2012

new links added for old posts

for Ralph Dodger I've added a new link for the Professionals Peel Session that you wanted

for anyone who cares- I have added a new FLAC link for the Commercial Zone post from way back in 2010- this replaces the MP3 link that was previously posted

Public Image Ltd’ Announce First Tour Dates Of 2013: In China, Japan And Australia


'' ‘Public Image Ltd’ Announce first tour dates of 2013: In China, Japan and Australia

March 30th- China Beijing Yugong Yishan
March 31st- China Shanghai Mao Livehouse
April 2nd- Japan Nagoya Diamond Hall
April 3rd- Japan Osaka Hatch
April 5th- Japan Tokyo AX
April 6th- Japan Tokyo AX
April 9th- Australia Brisbane Eatons Hill
April 10th- Australia Sydney Enmore Theatre
April 11th- Australia Melbourne Palace

After a monumental 2012 for PiL, seeing the band release their first album for 20 years: This Is PiL to huge critical acclaim, these new tour dates for 2013 are sure to be very special.
PiL will play China for the very first time in their history, before moving onto Japan, where they will make a welcome return having played the 2011 Summersonic Festival’s in Tokyo and Osaka. Australia will then be the bands next destination of which they have not played for over 20 years.'' 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Basement 5 - 16th April 1981, Les Bains Douches, Paris, France

A bit of reggae/funk fusion for you today from Basement 5, featuring ex PIL drummer Richard Dudanski.
This is a 5 track bootleg, but there is so little of theirs floating around. This one is a fairly quiet sounding audience recording
01 No Ball Games
02 Push, Push, Push
03 Immigration
04 Too Soon
05 Strange (cut)

get MP3 here

192 kbps

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Zones - 17th May 1978- John Peel Session

Seeing as I'm on a bit of a roll today I thought I would put up another post for you. This time it features ex PIL bassist Russell Webb.
Here's the second John Peel session they did.
Recorded: 17 May 1978
Transmitted: 25 May 1978
Producer: Malcolm Brown
Engineer: Nick Gomm
Maida Vale Studio 4

Vocals: Willie Gardner
Bass: Russell Webb
Keyboard: Billy McIsaac
Drums: Kenny Hyslop

01 Sign Of The Times
02 Away From It All
03 No Sense Of Humour
04 Tough At The Bottom

get MP3 here

Russell is another ex PIL member who is aware of my blog & has no problem with me posting his material
Cheers Russell

The Professionals- 19th October 1981, Toads Place, New Haven, Conneticut

I finally have a copy of the last known Professionals bootleg that was missing from my collection
It's an audience recording from 1981 although the exact date of the gig is unknown, so if anyone out there can supply any more information it would be very much appreciated

This is a lossless rip from a CD-R
01 Little Boys
02 Madhouse
03 Just Another Dream
04 Northern Slide
05 The Magnificent
06 Too Far To Fall
07 Friday Night Square
08 All The Way
09 Suspicious Minds
10 All Around The World
11 Crescendo
12 Kick Down The Doors
13 Silly Thing
14 1-2-3
15 Join The Professionals
16 Payola

WAV here
Recording supplied & track seperated by long time Acid Drops supporter Joe Bloggs

Thanks to Joe for completing my Professionals bootleg collection & for taking one off my 'Wants' list

PLEASE NOTE - massive Thanks to T-Bone who has been able to confirm the exact date

Keefy MP3's part 3- post removed-copyright infringement

sorry to say that I have had to remove the Keefy MP3's part 3 post as mediafire have put a block on the file due to a reported copyright infringement
There has been no explanation from mediafire & I have mailed them for further information
I dont understand what the problem is as Keith gave me permission to post his work
It may get posted at a later date depending on what mediafire say or if I hear from the man himself