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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Yin & Yang my review

here's my quick review of the new Wobble & Levene album, as submitted to Amazon....

for a long time fans have wondered what would PIL have sounded like if the original line up had continued working together- Yin & Yang is your answer
A mixed bag of tracks that are exciting & challenging- FORGET X Factor - this is what real musicians sound like when they are working well together
Yin & Yang is the opening track, hardcore lyrics, great melody & wonderful guitar work
Strut is a great instrumental track to jam along to
Jags & Staffs is the Geezer's track- 9 minutes of musical ecstasy, everytime I listen to these tracks I think of Public Image Ltd at their best but the album is so much more than a PIL album (if not in name, definitely in its feel)
Mississipi is a track to play whilst driving in ya car in the sun, a happy, easy listening tune
Within You Without You is a very floaty (dare I say it, hippy, drug chilled tune)
Back on the Block is an instrumental that could have come from the Metal Box era- one of the greatet albums ever made in my opinion
Fluid is an example of what Wobble has been doing over the last decade- Dub, with a decent bit of brass to add a different level to his work
Vampires is an interesting sound, IT's NOT a reworking of the bootleg track that has done the rounds down the years- it changes the mood of the album, just when you think you know how the rest will sound, this one sits you back up paying attention, not letting you fall into a Dub stupor
Understand could be the single release of the album, a reggae feel with a great vocal performance by Nathan Maverick
then the album finishes off with Understand Dub- says it all really!
Overall this is an interesting album, very well worked & put together- not predictable & certainly different to what other artists are putting out- grab a copy, it's worth every single penny. Wobble & Levene are legends- this proves it

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Neurotic Outsiders - 26th September 1996, LA2, London.

It's been a while since I posted any Neurotics gigs- In fairness this was was previously posted but incorrectly labelled as the Borderline show- but this version is a different source of that show-

01 Planet Earth
02 Nasty Ho
03 Good News
04 Always Wrong
05 Angelina 
06 Silly Thing
07 Better Way
08 Feelings Are Good 
09 Raw Power
10 Revolution
10 Union
11 Black Leather
12 Janie Jones
13 Jerk
14 Six Feet Under
15 Join The Professionals
16 New Rose
17 Bodies. 

Cassette originally sent to me by Ludde

MP3 ripped by IVOMIT4U - get it here

EXCLUSIVE Keith Levene interview tomorrow @

AT 9pm (UK Time) there will be an exclusive interview with Keith Levene by Tony Dale.
If you dont know who Tony is, he has great PIL pedigree- he was their roadie & soundman in the early days- he even got a 'name' check as the 'Long Haired Hippy' on the track Fodderstompf from the First Issue LP

You will be able to listen to the interview here

Dont forget Wednesday 14th November 2012- 9pm UK time

Check it out

Monday, 12 November 2012

new links for old posts

check out my Neurotic Outsiders section as I have added some new links for the old posts as requested by Mart666
If I get my arse in gear I'll post a couple of other gigs tomorrow from the N.O.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

PIL- 1st August 2012, Sub 89, Reading, UK

Yet another bootleg from PIL's 2012. This time from Reading. Good quality & yet another good performance. 2012 has turned out to be my favourite PIL tour for many a decade

This Is Not a Love Song
Deeper Water
Reggie Song
Religion II
Death Disco
Flowers of Romance
Lollipop Opera
Bags \ Chant

Out of The Woods
One Drop
Open Up

sent to me anonymously (dunno why, but still appreciated)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

PIL- 29th October 2012, House Of Blues, San Diego, Ca

Here's another great share from Volcano Man, this time it's from his night out at the House of Blues in San Diego

Once again check out his blog for a great write up & some more excellent photos from the show

Once again Volcano Man has done us proud by providing links for MP3 & FLAC versions of the show

If you post this anywhere else please give Thanks to Volcano Man for his hard work & free share

  FLAC & photos are all thanks to Volcano Man

get ya FLAC here

Friday, 9 November 2012

PIL - 28th October 2012- Club Nokia, LA 2nd source

Tonight I give you a recording I recently posted but from a different source. This one was sent to me by Volcano Man who has been a friend of the blog since it's early days.
He has posted the gig on his own blog, which has a nice write up & a great selection of photos that he took on the night
check his blog out

He's managed to give us MP3 & FLAC versions
the links are on his blog as well as in the comments section of this post

FLAC recorded & supplied by Volcano Man
Photos are also from Volcano Man as well

get ya FLAC here

Friday, 2 November 2012

PIL - 19th August 2012, Summer Sundae, Lion's Den Stage, De Montfort Hall and Gardens, Leicester, England

Here's a gig that I have already posted but this is a different source

Again it was recorded by pontiacB who took 2 different recording rigs to the festival- so as usual I'm sharing it with you all

1.This Is Not A Love Song 
2.Deeper Water 
4.One Drop 
7.Death Disco 
10.Encore Break 
11.Out of the Woods 
13.Open Up 

FLAC here

Keep it Lossless
Reorded & supplied by pontiacB

Thursday, 1 November 2012

PIL - 28th October 2012 - Club Nokia - Los Angeles

Here's another gig hot off the press from 3 nights go. Great sound on this one

01. This Is Not A Love Song
02. Deeper Water
03. Albatross
04. One Drop
05. Flowers Of Romance
06. Disappointed
07. Warrior
08. U.S.L.S. 1
09. Reggie Song

10. Death Disco (Swan Lake)
11. Bags / Chant
12. Religion
13. Encore Break
14. Out Of The Woods
15. Rise
16. Open Up

Recorded & shared by Mixter
if sharing elsewhere make sure Mixter gets full credit

please respect the tapers wishes & keep this Lossless