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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Human Condition, November 1981, Holland

After leaving PiL, Wobble formed The Human Condition with guitarist Dave Maltby and PiL's original drummer, Jim Walker. The Human Condition toured in 1981 and made two cassette-only releases of their live shows - this one was made so quickly that it was apparently on sale after the gig.


The End

The Human Condition



MP3 here

Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band - 30th October 2005 - Andy Kershaw Radio 1 Session

It's the Legend that is Jah Wobble- do I need to say anything else? For me I'm so pleased PIL reformed - they are great & have been excellent live & in the studio since their return..............but they would have been so much better if Wobble & Lydon could settle their differences.
Here's a Radio Session from Wobble. 
Recorded on 22nd & 23rd October 2005 & broadcast on Radio One on the 30th of that month.
1. intro
02. Claire's Song
03. -interview-
04. The Troubadour
05. -Andy Kershaw-
06. -Andy Kershaw-
07. Blacksmith
08. -interview-
09. The Ploughboy's Dream
10. -Andy Kershaw-

performed by
Jah Wobble: Bass & Vocals
Jean-Pierre Rasle: Bagpipes, Pipes & Vocals
Liz Carter: Vocals
Claire (or Cleo??) Rose: Vocals
Chris Cookson: Guitar
Mark Sanders: Drums

I grabbed this from the old Noise Addiction blog- once again Thanks for the share
16 Bit

Bill Laswell - 8th May 2010 -Tokyo Rotation 4, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tonight I'm starting you off with something a bit different.. Jazz???? Not really sure what bracket to put this into, although I personally was sent this by someone (cant remember who - sorry) a couple of years ago. I didnt quite get it at first, but I always listen to new things at least 3 times and try not to dismiss them out of hand. This grew on me... but mainly when I was chilling after a few drinks, so I'm not sure what that says about it.
It's Bill Laswell, former PIL bass player/part Producer- a very astute musician in my opinion. He was responsible for getting Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa together, in the 80's, for the 'World Destruction' collaboration. This was years before Run DMC & Aerosmith did their thing. I still love World Destruction & funnily enough I love Lydon & Leftfield's Open Up. Lydon certainly does add something when he mixes it up in other musical genres- anyway I digress.
This recording is an intimate live set- but sadly I know sod all about it other than date & venue.
I dont know any track names, any of the other musicians I'm really lacking

Its MP3   
16 Bit
VBR between 222kbps & 273 kbps

Download it, listen a few times & bin it if you dont like...... you might surprise yourself

Sunday, 2 September 2012

PIL - 7th August 2011 - OFF​ Festival​, Katowice​ Poland​

Here's a PIL audio rip from a Youtube video posted by 66kosmos
It's not the full gig, it misses the last 2 tracks ( I found the last track elsewhere & have added it to the file) but I thought I would share it anyway
01 Love Song
02 Public Image
03 Home
04 Albatross
05 Flowers Of Romance
06 Warrior
07 Bags
08 Chant
09 Religion
10 Rise (this track is missing)
11 Open Up (from a different source)

FLAC upgrade here

Saturday, 1 September 2012

PIL - 19th August 2012, Summer Sundae, Lion's Den Stage, De Montfort Hall and Gardens, Leicester, England

1.This Is Not A Love Song 
2.Deeper Water 
4.One Drop 
7.Death Disco 
10.Encore Break 
11.Out of the Woods 
13.Open Up 

FLAC here

recorded & supplied by PontiacB

if you post this elsewhere please give PontiacB full credit

Also please respect his wishes & keep this Lossless, no changing into any other format (unless for personal use only)

PIL - 27th September 1987, Goldiggers Club, Chippenham, England

Looking through my collection & as usual I have dug out another PIL boot, again not that easy to track down, so of course I'm sharing it with yourselves. It's not complete but it is the only version that has surfaced so far.
01 Save Me
02 Rise
03 Seattle
04 Four Enclosed Walls
05 FFF
06 Open & Revolving
07 Low Life
08 Home
09 Rules & Regulations
10 Hard Times
11 Fat Chance Hotel
12 World Destruction
13 Angry
14 The Body
15 Round
16 Public Image

FLAC rip from CD-R I got in a trade

Anti Nowhere League, Converse Represents, 31st July 2012, 100 Club, London

This is the recording I made at the 100 Club of the Anti Nowhere League's set.
They were great fun, plenty of energy plus a set full of crowd pleasers, I certainly wasnt disappointed. By this time I was absolutely slaughtered & I was up & down like I wanted an Olympic Gold in the pogo (this unfortunately is reflected in the quality of the recording).
Again its unedited, lossless & straight from the master- it IS listenable, I might even go as far as to say enjoyable, but that might be just because of the memories it brings to me of a great night out

I hope someone out there likes it as well, download it, play it & bin it if you think it's crap- or share it if you don't

01 We Are.... The League
02 We Will Survive
03 I Hate People
04 Break The Law
05 This Is War
06 My God's Bigger
07 So What
08 Woman (at the end of this you can hear me say that that 'was dedicated to the ex wife',)
09 Streets Of London
10 For You
11 Pig Iron

Lossless (PCM) from the Master