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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Discharge - Converse Represents - 31st July 2012, 100 Club, London

Here's the 4th Band from the 100 Club Punk night last month (I didnt record the 3rd band - Goldblade)
Again, not the greatest recording, so I'm just giving it to you as it comes- untouched & lossless
I'm not a great Discharge fan & I got the tunes from the set list which I nicked from the stage at the end of their set. Even though I'm not a fan they were great, they did a good set (had a few mic probs during a couple of songs - one technical & 1 due to a fan nicking it)
I dont think the set list is correct as I'm sure they had to cut it short due to timing issues

01 Hear Nothing
02 Nightmare Continues
03 Look At Tomorrow
04 The End
05 No Feeble Bastard
06 Hell On Earth
07 Cries Of Help
08 Protest & Survive
09 Hype Overload
10 War Is Hell
11 Never Again
12 Fight Back
13 Realities Of War
14 State Violence
15 Possibilities Of Life's Destruction
16 Blood Runs Red
17 Decontrol

as I said this is taken from the set list, but I'm pretty sure they didnt do them all

Friday, 24 August 2012

PIL - Lokerse Festival, Lokeren, Belgium, 9th August 2012

Yet another PIL recording from 2012 for your entertainment
Another Festival set from earlier this month, quite good quality as well, I know you will enjoy this.
Like all the festival sets it's a bit shorter than their club gigs
Here you have 2 versions. 1 is unedited & in FLAC format
the second is track separated & cleaned up a bit to improve the quality, it's MP3 but dont let that put you off
01 Albatross
02 Deeper Water
03 Love Song
04 One Drop
05 Warrior
06 Death Disco
07 Out Of The Woods
08 Bags
09 Chant
10 Rise
11 Open Up

FLAC supplied by pontiacb

I grabbed the photos off Flickr - copyright belongs to heavenuphere

Glen Matlock 16th November 2002 - De Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, Holland

Here's a nice little acoustic set from Glen.

01 A Different World
02 Burning Sounds
03 I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
04 God Save The Queen
05 Idiot
06 On Something
07 All Or Nothing
08 Pretty Vacant

again the recording & the artwork are sent to me to share with you from Marky Dread
We all love a bit of 'Dread' artwork with our recordings dont we?


Thursday, 23 August 2012

PIL - Xfm Radio Session recorded 19th July 2012

I had previously posted my rips of the radio show- warts and all
But here it is again, cleaned up, no DJ chat & with artwork

01 One Drop
02 Deeper Water
03 Out Of The Woods
04 Reggie's Song

FLAC & MP3 here
this version & artwork all the the hard work of Marky Dread & sent to me to share with you lot- cos he knows what you like

Cheers Marky - as always we're all very grateful for your efforts- especially the artwork

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ed Tudorpole - Converse Represents - 31st July 2012 - The 100 Club, London

Second up on the night was 'Ex Sex Pistol' Ed Tudorpole- I can only say he played the buffoon on stage & I'm not really sure how to describe his acoustic set - karaoke maybe????

Again not track separated. The photos are mine that I took on the night

01 ?
02 Valentine Ohio
03 Throwing My Baby Out With The Bathwater
04 ?
05 ?
06 Three Bells In A Row
07 ?
08 He's Got A Moustache
09 Who Killed Bambi
10 Swords Of A Thousand Men

Not too bad a recording this one, but it was acoustic and I wasnt quite jumping about & falling over at this point

If anyone can help with track names- leave a comment - Cheers

Lossless, straight from the master recording

Monday, 13 August 2012

Dumbjaw - Converse Represents- 31st July 2012- The 100 Club, London

Right here's the opening act from the Converse Represents Punk night at The 100 Club.

As I have already warned you I fucked about & didnt take recording events very seriously so this aint the greatest recording quality you'll ever have in your collection- although I must admit I most definitely do have worse quality in my collection,

Its NOT track separated:

01 Selfish
02 Better Than You
03 We're A Riot
04 The Thirst
05 One In A Million
06 Bound & Gagged
07 I'll Give You Hell
08 Dissociative

find out more about Dumbjaw here-

and here

and here

 The photos of Dumbjaw are mine, taken on the night

Converse Represents - 31st July 2012 - live at the Legendary 100 Club

the 100 Club is more than just the venue for this summer’s Represent shows, it is one of the most important clubs in British musical history. For over seventy years the venue has been at the forefront of musical movements from swing and jazz through to punk, indie, reggae and Northern soul. This year the tickets were not on sale but available by signing up on the official site & names being drawn out of the hat as such - I was lucky enough to be one of those names- I only put in for the Punk night & that's what  I got-  happy days
I must admit I had every intention of going there to test my recording equipment & learn what different settings do so that I could, in the future, deliver enjoyable recordings to pass on - especially with 2 PIL gigs coming up this week
 well that was the intention ....... I fucked up, BIG TIME- sorry guys

the reality was that me & my mates met up in London 4 hours before the doors opened & we got pissed- I mean proper blurry eyed, wobbly legs pissed- this was well before we had even set foot through the 100 Club's doors

Once inside the100 Club, I claimed my free limited edition T shirt (given out to the first 100 punters) & hit the bar - no surprises there then and I must admit I'm chuffed with my T shirt.. very sad of me I know

But things got worse, all my plans & good intentions went right out of the window.  I went to the front of the stage, almost on top of the monitors, got crushed in crowds, jumped up & down like a teenager & fell over a few times- all of this with my little recorder doing its job, sitting in my shirt pocket. I did at least remember to press record when the bands came on - I even managed to record 5 of the 6 bands (I really have no idea what I did to lose Goldblade's recording)

Unfortunately this means the recordings are pretty poor- lots of annoying vibrations, the sound quality is up & down like a yoyo- 

in truth I HAVE already learnt quite a bit from this so hopefully my PIL recordings will be better- I doubt they will be perfect
I have learnt the following when recording  (some of this might help any of you wanting to try your first experience in doing the same)
1. Dont stand in part of the crowd where you will get jostled/crushed/knocked over
2. down the front of a gig is great for having fun, crap for recording
3. you have to try & stand as still as reasonably possible if you are making a covert recording- this will help with reducing vibrations as well as dipping sound quality
4 stand a reasonable distance from the stage to benefit from the venues speakers
5 low mic sensitivity for loud venues
6 filters on for heavy bass
7 VERY IMPORTANT _ set recording levels manually NOT on auto- being that lazy will only piss you off the next day when you listen back to what you have

8 ALCOHOL- leave it out if you are like me & cant just have 1 or 2 when I'm with my mates- it really does fuck up the best made plans & at the time you wont care....until the next day

All in all it was a great night, very enjoyable & lots of fun
Even though I'm quite ashamed/embarrassed by the quality of the recordings I made I'm still going to be sharing them with you 

You never know you might like them???

They are all lossless, taken straight from the master, no artwork & not track separated (they're not worth the time or effort) 

I'll be posting them over the next few days (but def not Wednesday or Thursday as I'll be seeing PIL)

Honestly guys if you download them please pop back & leave brutally honest feedback about what you've heard- we can all have a giggle about these ones