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Monday, 30 July 2012

Glen Matlock - 16th November 2011 - Rabid In The Kennel Session, Breakthru Radio

Here's another obscure recording. again, as far as I know, not available anywhere else.
Its a Radio Session from Glen, recorded last year for the Jack Rabid Show on Breakthru Radio.
Again there are 2 versions, 1 with the DJ intro and the second a cleaned up version

01 - Born Running
02 - Burning Sounds
03 - On Something
04 - Somewhere Somehow

Originally broadcast 16th November 2011

MP3 @ 320 kbps

Originally recorded & supplied to Acid Drops by Guttersnipe

Thanks for another great share

Sunday, 29 July 2012

PIL - 29th June 2012 - Belgrade Calling Festival, USCE Park, Serbia

Yet another treat for you all to enjoy! This one is PIL's performance from the Belgrade Calling Festival at the end of last month- The gig was broadcast on Serbia's Radio B92 station.
In the file you get 2 copies. The first has been track separated & cleaned up by Guttersnipe, who sent it to me to share with you all. The second is the unedited version as broadcast on radio.
The only surprise for me was that there was a lack of songs from the 'This Is PIL' album.
So here it is- download & enjoy!
01 This Is Not A Love Song
02 Deeper Water
03 Albatross
04 Death Disco
05 Warrior
06 One Drop
07 Bags
08 Chant
09 Rise
10 Open Up

Supplied by Guttersnipe (track separated version) - Cheers for this
WAV here

Second version is .OGG file (playable on VLC with no problems)
supplied by stzeross using Screamer Radio to download
I'm afraid it skips a bit in places but it's all that's floating around at the moment

Friday, 27 July 2012

PIL - 19th July 2012 - Xfm Radio Session

Here's a little something special for you - an Acid Drops exclusive!
As Xfm celebrates 20 years in 2012 Xfm's X-Posure with John Kennedy this week aired Public Image Ltd's first new radio session in over two decades!
John aired the new session this week playing one song each night from Monday to Thursday.  The session was recorded on 19th July 2012
I ripped the tracks each night & have put them together for you all to enjoy!

Tracks: (Original broadcast date in brackets)
01 One Drop (23 July 2012)
02 Deeper Water (24 July 2012)
03 Out Of The Woods (25 July 2012)
04 Reggie's Song (26 July 2012)

get ya FLAC upgrade here

updated 16th September 2015

Friday, 20 July 2012

The International Swingers - 8th December 2011 - Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia

The International Swingers is a rock & roll band. Another example of well known musicians with a great history behind them that love playing live. Even though they may have been known for original successes in different genres (maybe not so different)

 Clem Burke, a founding member of Blondie, is the drummer.  
On bass is Glen Matlock, I don't really need to say anything about Glen do I?
 Guitarist James Stevenson played with Gen X, Chelsea and Gene Loves Jezebel, among others. 
The front man is Gary Twinn, singer for Twenty Flight Rockers, Speedtwinn & Supernaut.

Glen & Gary had previously worked together in the short lived Dead Horse.

If you love rock 'n' roll you'll love this gig. A great, quality sounding MP3 @320 kbps

I'm not gonna lie -I'm a bit unsure about copyright issues on this recording as it was ripped from a streaming site- So if anyone has a problem with me posting this please email me & I will remove the content in full

Because of this please feel free to share via traditional methods but dont put it on another site. As you know my blog is members only & cant be found by internet search engines- also please don't post my link for this gig anywhere else as I don't want any grief from mediafire cancelling my account (they have been known to do that)

Here's the full show
01 Out Of Control
02 Hanging On The Telephone
03  Friday On My Mind
04 I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
05 Fall In Love With You
06  I Like It Both Ways
07 Burning Sounds
08 Jealous
09 What I Like About You
10 Stay With Me
11 All The Young Dudes
12 Dancing With Myself
13 Call Me
14 Pretty Vacant
15 C'mon Everybody + Let's Get Together
16 God Save The Queen
17 No Fun
18 Born To Lose

Thanks to GS for the snatch - good work mate

Sunday, 15 July 2012

PIL - 21st April 1992, The​ Ritz​, New​ York​, USA​

There's not too many gigs from 1992 floating about so I'm happy to pass this little gem onto you all.
Pretty terrible audience recording really.
01 This Is Not A Love Song (cuts in)
02 Criminal
03 Love Hope
04 Think Tank
05 Rules & Regulations
06 Disappointed
07 Acid Drops
08 Cruel
09 The Body
10 Covered
11 Rise

FLAC rip from CD-R I got in a trade

Sunday, 8 July 2012

PIL - 13th May 1986, Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen Scotland

Another audience recording, another hard to find bootleg dug out of my archives - Enjoy!
01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Annalisa
04 Fishing
05 Poptones
06 Pretty Vacant
07 Banging The Door
08 Flowers Of Romance
09 Bags
10 Tie Me To The Length Of That
11 Round
12 Home
13 Public Image
14 Rise
15 Low Life
16 World Destruction
17 Ease

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

PIL - 7th August 1987, Hultsfred Festival, Folketspar, Sweden

Another one where I cant remember who sent me the recording (apologies for my absent mindedness)
It's a short set as the band walked off stage after 6 tracks, so this is the whole gig!

01 Rise
02 Low Life
03 Open & Revolving
04 Hard Times
05 World Destruction
06 Home

Photo from the gig supplied Johan W from Sweden - Thank You
MP3 here

The Jimmy Norton Explosion - 30th July 1979 - John Peel Session

I thought I had posted this before but couldnt find it on the blog. So here it is (again???)
this band later became known as The Spectres. 

The Jimmy Norton Explosion - Peel Session

Recorded - 30/07/1979
Broadcast - 06/08/1979
Producer - Tony Wilson
Engineer - Dave Dade
Studio - Maida Vale 4

01 Getting Away With Murder
02 Just Like Lazarus
03 Ambition
04 Lost In A Landslide

Glen Matlock (Bass, Lead Vocals)
Danny Kustow (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Budgie (Drums)

Marky Dread artwork supplied