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Friday, 29 June 2012

PIL - 19th July 1989, Meadowlands, Wantagh, New York

There's only 5 tracks from this gig, but worth having in your collection
01 Warrior
02 This Is Not A Love Song
03 Seattle
04 Rise
05 Disappointed


Thursday, 28 June 2012

PIL - 10th May 1986, City Hall, Newcastle

Not the greatest quality audience recording
01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Annlisa
04 Fishing
05 Poptones
06 Pretty Vacant
07 Banging The Door
08 Flowers Of Romance
09 Bags
10 Tie Me To The Length Of That
11 Round
12 Home
13 Public Image
14 Rise
15 Low Life
16 Ease

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Professionals - 27th September 1981 - Daze Of Future Past Festival, Queens Hall, Leeds

David J sent me this gem -I'm sure you know I appreciate your share for us all
01 Little Boys
02 1-2-3
03 Just Another Dream
04 All The Way
05 Too Far To Fall
06 Silly Thing
07 Crescendo
08 The Magnificent
09 Join The Professionals
10 Payola
11 Northern Slide

WAV here
no artwork
but yet another hard bootleg to get
Recording supplied by David J

Saturday, 16 June 2012

a place to go and have a chat

Now that God Save The Sex Pistols site has closed its forum for some unknown/ undisclosed reason I think everyone should register with with this site that I've found, it's a bit basic but at least there are open forums for all types of discussions relating to the Sex Pistols/ PIL & other related stuff

check it out here

PIL - 1st August 1987 Ruisrock​ Festival​, Turka​, Finland​

Yet another hard to find recording dug out from my archives to share with you all.
An audience recording.
01 Rise
02 Low Life
03 Open & Revolving
04 Hard Times
05 World Destruction
06 Round
07 Rules & Regulations
08 FFF
09 Annalisa
10 Holidays In The Sun
11 Public Image
12 This Is Not A Love Song
13 Interview

FLAC rip from CD-R


Friday, 15 June 2012

PIL - 15th October 1986, Studio 54, Barcelona, Spain

an audience recording, acceptable quality, which is a bit distorted because of the bass
1. Kashmir 
2. FFF 
3. Low Life 
4. Fishing 
5. Poptones 
6. Pretty Vacant 
7. 4 Enclosed Walls 
8. Flowers Of Romance 
9. Bags 
10. Round 
11. Home 
12. Public Image 
13. The Order Of Death 
14. Rise 
15. Annalisa 
16. World Destruction 
17. Holidays In The Sun

FLAC rip here

Saturday, 9 June 2012

PIL - 30th June 1989, Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Chicago

Back to business then. Here's an audience recording from 1989, Not too bad, but certainly not the quality of recent recordings in the last 10 years 
Sounds like it was recorded from far back from the stage, but like a lot of things with me, it's not one that's easily available on the internet
01 Warrior
02 Happy
03 This Is Not A Love Song
04 Home
05 Open & Revolving
06 Brave New World
07 Same Old Story
08 The Body
09 Fishing
10 Rise
11 Disappointed
12 Public Image
13 World Destruction

FLAC rip of a CD-R I received in a trade