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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

let's put some money into PIL's pockets

I don't normally advertise but in this case I thought I would make an exception.....

The One Drop EP is now available to download digitally via iTunesAmazon, 7 Digital, eMusic, and all good digital retailers. A special deluxe edition of the digital EP featuring an exclusive 'One Drop' video is available via iTunes.
Full track listing for the EP
1. One Drop
2. I Must Be Dreaming
3. The Room I Am In
4. Lollipop Opera
5. One Drop (video) (iTunes exclusive)
The EP will be released internationally for download this week including, UK, Europe, Australasia, and North America. Release dates vary throughout the week.

C'mon guys, spend some cash & support the band by buying this official release.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Various Artists - Tribute LP

Martin Atkins once drummed for Public Image Ltd., he honored his former band by organizing a tribute album.  It comes from his own label and involves a number of artists he has known, respected, and played with throughout the years. There's nothing here that's worth getting worked up about, whether you're a PiL freak or a fan of some of the groups that provide the covers. Like most tributes, it needn't be heard more than once. Flat reproductions (the Winterbrief's energy-starved "Bad Baby"), intriguing interpretations (Irmin Schmidt & Kumo's "Banging the Door" brings a different form of menace), and failed experimentations (Jared Louche's languishing, lumbering "Poptones") are provided in roughly equal numbers.

1. Hanin Elias Public Image
2. The Winterbrief Bad Baby
3. The Damage Manual Memories
4. Jared Louche Poptones
5. Omegaman vs. Pigface Religion
6. October File Under The House
7. Irmin Schmidt & Kumo (of CAN) Banging the Door
8. Sheep On Drugs Four Enclosed Walls
9. The Countdown Annalisa
10. You Shriek Ease
11. Scars (feat. Greta Brinkman) Seattle
12. Pete Jones Blue Water
13. Vanishing Kids Death Disco
14. Twitch of the Death Nerve Order of Death
15. Chris Haskett Banging the Door 


Friday, 20 April 2012

PIL - 1st April 2012, Heaven, Under The Arches, Charing Cross, London

PIL's 3rd gig of the year, was a full set & in my opinion their first proper gig of 2012. It was the first of 2 nights played at Heaven. The set features 5 new songs. 
This is an audience recording, so not as crystal as the previous 2 gigs I have posted from 2012, but I'm sure you all will still enjoy it.
01 Deeper Water
02 This Is Not A Love Song
03 Albatross
04 Lollipop Opera
05 Disappointed
06 Warrior
07 USLS1
08 Death Disco
09 Four Enclose Walls
10 Reggie's Song
11 Flowers Of Romance
12 Religion
13 Bags
14 Chant
15 One Drop
16 Through The Woods
17 Rise
18 Open Up

Thanks to Phil Mackie

If anyone has a copy of Heaven 2nd April I'd love it to be sent my way

Sunday, 15 April 2012

PIL - 19th March 2012, The Boiler Room, Hoxton, London - Record Store Day 2012 Launch

PIL's 2nd gig of 2012 was a 'secret' one- although everyone knew it was happening- it was in support of the official Record Store Day Launch 2012 & the gig was invite only. This one was streamed live on the Boiler Room TV site. I was gutted as due to ill health I missed the gig & the stream.
They played the same set as the Queen Elizabeth Hall gig.
This was sent to me by a mate who I knock around with at the football- originally 'Love Song' was fucked so he resent me a second rip.
1 Deeper Water
2 This Is Not A Love Song
3 Disappointed
4 Warrior
5 Albatross
6 Flowers Of Romance
7 One Drop
8 Rise

MP3 here
16 Bit
320 kbps

Cheers Dave


PIL - 16th March 2012, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London

2012 A New Year, New PIL- After a long wait PIL are ready to release their first new material in two decades. Their first gig of 2012 was part of BBC Radio 6's 10th Birthday celebrations. It was a short set but it did showcase 2 new songs from the forthcoming 'This Is PIL' album (due out on 28th May).
The gig was streamed on the BBC 6 web site, so I downloaded a bit of freeware & snatched a copy & here it is for you all.
1 Deeper Water
2 This Is Not A Love Song
3 Disappointed
4 Warrior
5 Albatross
6 Flowers Of Romance
7 One Drop
8 Rise

WAV here