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Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Mekons - 23rd July 2010 - The Fleece, Bristol

The Mekons are a British rock band. Formed in the late 1970s, they are one of the longest-running and most prolific of the first-wave British punk bands. PIL's Lu Edmonds has been a member sincethe mid 1980's.

1. Abernant 1984/85
 2. Tina
 3. Oblivion
 4. Give Me Wine Or Money
 5. Millionaire
 6. Thee Olde Trip To Jerusalem
 7. Diamonds
 8. The Letter
 9. Cockermouth
10. Ghosts Of American Astronauts
11. Perfect Mirror
12. Dickie Chalkie And Nobby
13. Hole In The Ground
14. Hard To Be Human

15. Wild And Blue (Sherrill)
16. Memphis, Egypt

even though I've tagged this as Ex Pil, Lu is obviously still very much an active member of PIL (it's just a tag, dont get hung up on it)

get FLAC here

Monday, 17 October 2011

Pigface - 17th April 2003 - Ogden Theatre, Denver

Pigface is an industrial rock supergroup formed in 1990 by Martin Atkins and William Rieflin.

01 Sweetmeat
02 Sunset Gun
03 Stateless
04 Blow You Away
05 Insect/Suspect
06 Divebomber
07 Mind Your Own Business
08 Everything
09 Think
10 Murder Inc.
11 Weightless
12 King Of Negativity
13 Auto Hag
14 Martin Atkins noise call
15 Closer to Heaven
16 Bitch
17 Stainless Steel Provider [Revolting Cocks cover]
18 Martin Atkins roll call
19 Suck


Basement 5 - 21st April 1985 - John Peel Session

Basement 5 were a reggae/punk fusion band from London founded in 1978. Their first vocalist was Winston Fergus, then Don Letts. One of their early performances was a support for Public Image Ltd.'s London debut at the Rainbow Theatre on Christmas Day 1978. Finally in 1979 Dennis Morris - legendary photographer of the Sex Pistols, took over as creative force, lead vocalist and lyricist. He also designed the Basement 5 logo and created their image. The drums were played by Richard Dudanski who had played in the bands 101ers and Public Image Ltd.

This is their John Peels Session recorded on 21st April 1980 & transmitted 28th April.

Engineered by Tony Wilson

01 Last White Christmas
02 No Ball Games
03 Immigration
04 Silicone Chip

get MP3 here

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Zones - 13th September 1978 - John Peel Session

  • Zones were founded in 1977 after the end of PVC2. PVC2 was conformed by Midge Ure on guitar, Russell Webb (future PIL member) on bass, Billy McIsaac on keyboards and Kenny Hyslop on drums. In late 1977, Ure moved to Glen Matlock's Rich Kids leaving PVC2 which immediately ended. Then, Webb, Hyslop and McIsaac called in Alex Harvey's cousin Willie Gardner to replace Ure on guitar and vocals, and Zones was formed.

  • Here's a session they recorded for Radio One's John Peel Show. Recorded on 13th September & broadcast on 22nd September 1978.
  • Producer - Bob Sargeant
  • Engineer - Nick Gomm
  • Studio - Maida Vale Studio 4, London
  • Willie Gardner (Lead Guitar,Vocals)
  • Russell 'spyder' Webb (Bass)
  • Billy Mcisaac ( Keyboard, Backing Vocals)
  • Kenny Hyslop (Drums) 
01 Anything Goes
02 Deadly Dolls
03 The End
04 It's Only Fashion

This recording is in MP3 format & I'm sharing this with you all with the consent of Russell Webb

get MP3 here

PIL - 7th May 1986, Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke On Trent

Here's a poor quality, but quite hard to find PIL recording from 1986.
01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Annalisa
04 Fishing
05 Poptones
06 Pretty Vacant
07 Four Enclosed Walls
08 Flowers Of Romance
09 Banging The Door

FLAC rip from CD-R