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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Avengers/The Nuns - 14 January 1978, Winterland, San Francisco

On the night the 'original' Sex Pistols fell apart & split they were supported by other bands which rarely get a mentions. So I'm giving you both the Avengers & The Nuns sets from that fateful night.
01 The American In Me
02 Desperation
03 Paint It Black
04 Friends Of Mine
05 Open Your Eyes
06 No Martyr
07 Teenage Rebel
08 Crazy Homicide
09 End Of The World
10 Summer Of Hate
11 We Are The One
12 I Believe In Me
13 Car Crash

Avengers MP3 here

01 Lazy
02 Decadent Jew
03 World War III
04 Savage
05 Media Control
06 Hey Little Rich Thing
07 Cock In My Pocket
08 Twenty First Century
09 You Think You're Best
10 Confused
11 Mental Masturbation
12 Suicide Child

Nuns MP3 here

PIL - 22 June 2011 - Gothenburg Sweden

Next up I have a PIL gig from 2011. This was recorded exclusively by Martin Hansen for the old Sex Pistols/PIL live blogspot. I know there are other recordings of this gig out there but not this source.
01 venue noise
02 This Is Not A Love Song
03 Poptones
04 Public Image
05 Home
06 Albatross
07 Flowers Of Romance
08 Death Disco
09 USLS1

10 Disappointed
11 Warrior
12 Bags
13 Chant
14 Religion
15 Memories
16 Rise
17 Open Up

WAV download here
Thanks Martin

Sex Pistols - 19 July 2008 -Summercase Festival,Movistar Stage, Parc del Forum, Barcelona, Spain

I'm gonna start you off with a recording that I only recently added to the collection. It was one that I didnt even know existed until it was sent my way.

Pretty vacant
No feelings
New York
Did you no wrong
I do like to be beside the seaside
Holidays in the sun
Belsen was a gas
Stepping stone
No fun
God save the queen
Anarchy in the UK
Silver machine

Thanks to Johan Winegard for this one- much appreciated