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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Blog Statement of Intention

Welcome my Friends

Past, Present & Future
The Past
With hindsight it was an overreaction to delete the last blog in full. I have imported all the old music posts so that you can find them on here. I have deleted PIL gigs from 2009 plus the Isle Of Wight 2011 gig as these have been released by ConcertLive & I cant guarantee my versions were not ripped from the official releases.
The Present
So now I have a new name, new look, new URL & I have also set it up so that it cant be found by search engines. I'm starting off by only inviting friends of the old blog to join in. Not for any shitty, stuck up my own arse reason but because the old blog started getting a lot of spam, a few idiots started posting crap like ' this post is shit, I don't know why you bothered'. I got bored with having to delete the shit almost every other night.
Mind you I'm still curious as to why spammers might think I need penis enlargement or viagra??? The Mrs swears she's not been saying things.
The Future
Acid Drops will continue to have Sex Pistols/PIL & related posts but I wont be restricted by that & I may post recordings by other artists that I like- I hope you will like them too. My posts will be erratic, but I will continue to try & offer you good quality and/or hard to find stuff.

Feel free to join in, leave comments and opinions, share music where possible. Correct any mistakes I make.

As usual you can pass on anything you find here, post it elsewhere etc

Enjoy the continued experience my friends. I hope to hear from you all sooner or later


PIL Head

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

PIL - 10th June 2011, Tripod, Dublin, Ireland

Here's the only other recording I have from this years PIL Tour (so far)- so of course I'm sharing it with you.
01 Public Image
02 Home
03 Albatross
04 This Is Not A Love Song
05 Poptones
06 Death Disco
07 Acid Drops
08 Flowers Of Romance
09 USLS1
10 Disappointed
11 Warrior
12 Bags
13 Chant
14 Religion
15 Memories
16 Rise
17 Open Up

FLAC download here
Recorded & supplied by PIL Lad

Sunday, 10 July 2011

PIL - 20th June 2011, Musikkens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark

Every now & again I am contacted by someone who say they have something for me or they'll send me something & I never hear from them again. I'm used to that & I dont really pay any attention any more. A Little while back Martin H contacted me & he said he would have a go at recording PIL in Copenhagen for me & send it for the blog. I didnt hear from him for a while, then all of a sudden he was back in contact sending me a copy of the gig he recorded as well as a scan of his ticket stub from the gig. Thank you Martin you're a diamond mate.
So here is his recording for you all to have. I've seperated the tracks & broke it down into 2 files
01 This Is Not A Love Song (cuts in)
02 Poptones
03 Public Image
04 Home
05 Albatross
06 Flowers Of Romance
07 Death Disco
08 USLS1

09 Disappointed
10 Warrior
11 Bags
12 Chant
13 Religion
14 Memories
15 Rise
16 Open Up

WAV download here
Recorded & supplied by Martin H exclusively for Sex Pistols/ PIL Live blogspot